DevToolsDigest: September 20th, 2019
This week's digest includes news and resources from Dark, Kong, V8, Glasnostic, GitLab, Cloudflare, Testim, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Backends today are too complicated to build. Dark is designed to massively reduce that complexity. Dark is a holistic programming language, editor, and infrastructure for building backends. You write in the Dark language, using the Dark editor, and your program is hosted on Dark’s infrastructure. 
Kong Inc., creators of the leading API and service lifecycle management platform for modern architectures, announced the release of a new open source project called Kuma. Based on the popular open source Envoy proxy, Kuma is a universal control plane that addresses limitations of first-generation service mesh technologies by enabling seamless management of any service on the network.
In late 2018, V8 started a project called V8 Lite, aimed at dramatically reducing V8’s memory usage. Initially this project was envisioned as a separate Lite mode of V8 specifically aimed at low-memory mobile devices or embedder use-cases that care more about reduced memory usage than throughput execution speed.
Industry Research
Learn how to run your web projects—everything from simple sites to complex applications—without a single server. This practical report explains how the JAMstack delivers better performance, higher security, and lower cost of scaling than server-run web apps.
For fast-moving developers building on a global-scale, APIs are no longer a stop-gap to the future—they’re a critical part of their strategy. Why would you dedicate precious resources to recreating something in-house that’s done better elsewhere when you can instead focus your efforts on creating a differentiated product?
The resilience of a distributed microservice application depends fundamentally on how gracefully it can adapt to those all-too-certain environmental degradations and service failures. It is therefore not only a good, but essential practice that such applications be tested for how they will behave under various failure scenarios.
Developer Venture News
Some tech companies shy away from putting a date on going public—or even making a decision about whether they plan to list their businesses at all. At GitLab, Sid Sijbrandij already has a date set: November 18, 2020.
Cloudflare Inc.’s shares surged 20% in its first day of trading, following a streak of technology upstarts making initial public offerings to meet investors’ growing appetite for enterprise information-technology companies.
From The Heavybit Library
Upcoming Event - Oct 1: Building Vibrant Developer Communities
An engaged community can improve the quality of your product, speed up development, and refer you to potential customers but it takes hard work, time, and dedication to reach that point In this panel, developer community experts from Devada, Weaveworks, RingCentral, and Google will share their hard learned lessons and insights on how founders and early teams can build healthy and vibrant communities.
Just like conferences, LinkedIn Groups are one of the places people go to for trusted information. Testim's Francis Adanza shares key learnings on how to leverage LinkedIn Groups for targeted marketing for a relatively low cost per lead.
In episode 52 of To Be Continuous, Paul and Edith discuss the changing landscape of recruiting, focusing specifically on remote vs. local hiring, and how a company's personnel structure changes as it grows.
In episode 46 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by John Kelly, Product Manager at Contentstack. They discuss headless content management systems, and how adopting CMS on the backend encourages the portability and reusability of content.
In episode 37 of The Secure Developer, Guy speaks with James Kaplan of McKinsey & Co. James describes his journey into the telecommunications industry, and how many longstanding companies must reevaluate security practices when going through a digital transformation.