DevToolsDigest: Sep 30th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Notion, Intercom, Tonic, Amplitude, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Notion is launching a new startup program  to offer a credit of at least $500 to any startup globally to try its product for free — regardless of its size and funding status. Based on the size of the team, the credit could give startups access to Notion’s premium offerings at no cost for as long as a year — if not longer.
Pairing with experienced developers leaves you with many tips, tricks, shortcuts, and tools that they have access to and mastered to help them focus on a product’s business logic. The best software developers arm themselves with knowledge of specific tools that get the job done. 
Industry Research
Product management varies depending on your industry, company stage, company leadership, or teammates. But one thing is consistent across every product management role – a deep focus on the customer. The challenge for product managers is ensuring that your product evolves to meet the needs of your new customers without leaving long-term, smaller customers behind.
Most companies still believe that End-to-End Integration Tests are the best way to catch bugs. But they also experience a progressively slow down of value delivery. Contract Tests, on the other hand, require less coordination and infrastructure. This is especially useful in a microservices architecture.
Developer Venture News
When engineers are building software, they often run into issues around testing it without using actual customer data. Creating a meaningful test set can be time-consuming and challenging., a startup that helps engineers create synthetic data sets, is trying to fix that.
Amplitude provides data analytics tools that enable companies to optimize their products. It has benefited from the accelerated digital transformation during the pandemic, as companies seek to optimize customer experience online by using analytical tools.
From the Heavybit Library
In this 3-part series, Doug Johnson walks us through a workshop that he’s delivered to hundreds of early-stage companies and their sales teams to help build predictable pipeline and repeatable closing processes that target your most profitable market segments, driving you towards an increased valuation and de-risked growth strategy.