DevToolsDigest: October 5th, 2018
This week's digest includes news and resources from Sourcegraph, Cloudflare, Blockdaemon,, OverOps, a16z, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
OverOps has added an automated timer capability into their platform which identifies every entry point into your code and then monitors these locations for slowdowns, allowing you to set a target threshold (in milliseconds).
Having an efficient test writing and triage process is essential to ensuring that your team gets the most out of Rainforest. With that in mind, Rainforest has announced several new features designed to help you write and edit tests more effectively, and better measure the impact of your QA.
LaunchDarkly has added native Redis feature store support to the .NET SDK, providing a persistent store of feature flag configurations. There are two ways to use the Redis feature store. 
Particle recently announced three all-new IoT products, along with shipping information for Particle Mesh, at Spectra, their first conference for IoT builders.
Cloudflare is extending Cloudflare Workers to support WebAssembly. All Workers customers can no augment their applications with WASM at no additional cost. 
AV1 is a new video codec by the Alliance for Open Media, composed of most of the important Web companies (Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Mozilla...). The reference decoder for AV1 is great, but it's a research codebase, so it has a lot to improve.
Sourcegraph development is now open source (Apache License). Sourcegraph was opened up to bring code search and intelligence to more developers and developer ecosystems.
Industry Research
Automated tests are a great tool for QA teams and can help speed up testing significantly. The automation fallback method leverages crowdsourced testing to support automated test suites, helping teams to reduce the time and resources required for continuous test coverage.
Last year, Simform built an emailing platform for internal use. But after running into issues with cost, performance, and scalability, they turned to AWS Lambda to solve their problems. 
More than thirteen years have passed since Herb Sutter declared that free lunch is over and concurrency is upon us, and yet it's hard to claim that most mainstream languages have made a strong shift towards concurrent modes of programming. 
Venture Announcements
You can now be a full participant in the Aion network in just 90 seconds. A simple click to deploy and you can run your own Aion node and become part of the infrastructure — and the first two months are free. has taken on some new investors in order to help keep the lights on and grow their inclusive community of software developers. The new funds will allow them to prioritize sustainable growth and value-enhancing features.
The companies commercialize the Hadoop open-source big data software, which companies can use to store, process and analyze lots of different types of data. The combined equity value of the two companies is $5.2 billion.
One of Google’s most important executives managing its core advertising businesses, including search ads, is leaving the Googleplex for a new career in venture capital.
The founder of OpenDNS announced that he has joined the venture firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) as its newest general partner. He is the fourth GP to be announced by the firm since it brought aboard former federal prosecutor Katie Haun.
The round was led by Insight Venture Partners, and as part of the deal Insight’s co-founder and managing director, Jeff Horing will be joining the JFrog board. 
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