DevToolsDigest: October 29th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from Puppet, Anima, Accel, Replicated, StrongDM, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Puppet Comply can scan a company’s infrastructure to determine if it meets the industry-standard CIS security standards. Puppet is positioning Puppet Comply as a simpler alternative to the manual audits companies have historically used to check their compliance with CIS best practices.
Anima, the company that turns design prototypes into code, announced the launch of Anima 4.0, which will allow designers to create prototypes in Figma that are translated into components in React with the click of a button. The company is riding the wave of enterprise design tool growth, while simultaneously positioning itself in the realm of no-code, another high-growth vertical.
Industry Research
As OSS has grown in recognition and credibility, it has also expanded its footprint within organizations and moved up the IT stack. From its origins in infrastructure and database solutions, mainstream OSS now spans everything from API management to enterprise automation, commerce, collaboration, CMS, and design.
Next.js combines client-side rendering with pre-rendered HTML in the form of static and server-rendered pages. The framework also makes it really easy to create APIs with API routes. In this post, Nader discusses the data story, how it fits in to the picture, and how to implement various access patterns with and without authentication and authorization.
Developer Venture News
Replicated began as a developer of software security and management services for Docker containerized development tools, but as the market shifted to Kubernetes, the company shifted to service those applications. Last year, the company unveiled its tools for managing Kubernetes deployments and immediately saw sales increase.
StrongDM, a single sign-on company for backend infrastructure, announced it raised $17 million in Series A led by Sequoia Capital. With the rise of the cloud and the explosion of more data sitting in more places and more people needing access to it, traditional approaches to control access are no longer good enough. 
From The Heavybit Library
If you caught our recent Speaker Series panel on enterprise sales, you’ll have learned that almost every early-stage devtool startup inevitably goes through a period of founder-led sales. It’s also a topic that many technical first-time founders come to us for help with. For someone with no go-to-market experience, sales, unlike marketing, is difficult to know where to start, how to improve, and when to transition.