DevToolsDigest: October 26th, 2018
This week's digest includes news and resources from Particle, Square, Citus Data, LaunchDarkly,, GitHub, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
All of the new development kits come supercharged with local mesh networking out of the box, benefit from Particle’s growing ecosystem of tools for IoT developers and administrators, and improve on the previous generation of hardware products in almost every way imaginable.
12 factor has continued to be the dominant philosophy for building scalable, secure, and maintainable web applications. It has even been applied to the rising popularity of serverless applications. It’s time to revisit the principles of 12 factor apps and how you can follow them when creating containerized applications.
This new bulk invite feature allows your team to implement flagging as a best practice by delegating responsibility to the right people on your team. If your organization has custom roles, you can assign team members to the correct role right off the bat.
These skills help so much with both writing code and being a good co-worker. They are so much more important than knowing a specific language, library, or framework and they go far even outside of tech.
MongoDB, Inc changed the license of its widely-used database software to the "Server Side Public License" or SSPL. They also submitted the SSPL for review by the Open Source Initiative, where it is under active discussion.
Since launching Bitcoin support, Square developed a robust approach to Bitcoin cold storage, and recognize the importance of sharing the work with the community. As a result, they're open-sourcing the documentation, code, and tools for “Subzero,” their HSM-backed solution for protecting Square’s Bitcoin holdings.
The WebAssembly community group is really committed to backwards compatibility. This means that the WebAssembly that you create today will continue working on browsers into the future. But that doesn’t mean that WebAssembly is feature complete.
On Sunday October 21, multiple services on were affected by a network partition and subsequent database failure resulting in inconsistent information being presented on the website.
Industry Research
AWS recently announced 15 minute Lambda functions along with their new "Applications" menu. While these may seem like incremental improvements to the casual observer, they actually give us an interesting glimpse into the future of serverless computing.
The introduction of cloud computing services in the mid 2000s allowed Internet and web-based startups to avoid large initial capital expenditures and instead “rent” hardware space and other services in small increments, scaling up as demand grew. Cloud computing made the early ‘experiments’ for these firms significantly cheaper.
Shifting to a software-driven mentality has caused a lot of challenges as net new competition and pace of innovation creates pressure and stress on leadership, line of business, and IT organizations. How do you foster collaboration between Dev and Ops at your company?
In this blog post, Minko Gechev develops a supervised deep learning model for a posture classification algorithm using TensorFlow.js and MobileNet. By the end of the article, you too will be able to build a model that can classify images based on whether the user is punching, kicking, or doing neither.
Venture Announcements
Postgres is not only the world’s most advanced open source relational database. It is also the world’s only independent database. No single company backs or represents the Postgres project. This is the first time a company has donated 1% of its equity to support the mission of an open source foundation.
LaunchDarkly, the leading Feature Management company, announced over 500 businesses are now using its platform to build software applications and release new features faster, with less risk. LaunchDarkly’s inclusion in the Forbes 2018 Rising Star further validates feature management’s impact on software delivery. announced that they've raised a seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz, with Marc Andreessen and Andrew Chen championing the deal. Not only that, they've shipped 250,000 websites/apps since launching in March and had a million users last month. 
The Microsoft acquistion of GitHub is complete. Monday will be Nat Friedman's first day as CEO but GitHub will continue to operate independently as a community, platform, and business. 
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