DevToolsDigest: October 25th, 2019
This week's digest includes news and resources from, the Practical Dev, PagerDuty, Moesif, OverOps, Grafana Labs, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
With the newest version of Sanity Studio, you can now set initial values for all your document types. It’s a great way to save your editors time and effort spent on repetitive tasks. Prefill fields with minimal configuration, create multiple templates for quick document creation, fetch content from external APIs and put it in new documents.
How much does AWS data transfer cost between AZs in the same region? It seems like there should be a straightforward answer to this question. But there’s nuance and ambiguity Corey Quinn keeps running into. As it turns out, AWS’s documentation is wrong—or at least, incredibly misleading.
Passwords are still the primary method of authentication today, in a form of something you know. Humans are lazy, often resulting in low entropy and reused passwords. Magnitudes of research and thought have been put into protecting passwords. They are known as the simplest form of a challenge–response authentication scheme.
As digital transformation continues to be central to an organization’s growth mandate, it’s critical to ensure that customer-facing, revenue-generating, mission-critical applications are operationally reliable and secure. That’s where Sumo Logic comes in. Customers use Sumo Logic to monitor, alert, and troubleshoot application performance issues, quickly identify threats, and do deep threat detection.
Industry Research
Missed Moesif Co-Founder and CEO, Derric Gilling's talk at API World? No worries, you can revisit the deck from his popular talk on strategy and best practices for product leaders on building an API program that developers love and enterprises buy from.
Why is it that many teams are still continuing with their manual tests or struggling as they embark on Test Automation? Can every manual test be automated? How to get started with a Test Automation? What are some of the strategies and best practices?
How helpful is monitoring if you aren’t proactively capturing the data you need to understand what’s causing the errors you find? The answer… Not very. That’s why it’s important to go beyond monitoring and work on expanding your capabilities in terms of observability.
Developer Venture News
With this fund raise, Grafana is committing to investing even more in the open source community. That goes hand-in-hand with pushing forward with their vision of building an open, composable observability platform that brings together the three pillars of observability – logs, metrics, and traces – in a single experience, with Grafana at the center. 
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
3 Weeks Until DevGuild: Enterprise Security
This is the last Digest for the month of October, which means this is the last week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. What better way to celebrate than grabbing tickets to our Nov 14 conference featuring the CISOs of leading enterprise companies?

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In the past, many teams were able to get by with security as an afterthought — or so it seemed. We chatted with Mike Kail, CTO of, to learn more about what teams need to know about DevSecOps as they begin their journey towards shifting security left.
Building a security culture from the start requires a mindset shift, but can minimize future reputational, financial, and development pain that can accompany security debt. In this blog post, Andrea Little Limbago, Chief Social Scientist at Virtru, shares just how to do that.