DevToolsDigest: October 15th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from HashiCorp, Atlassian, npm, CNCF, Sanity, Twilio, Segment, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
HashiCorp Boundary is a new open source project that enables practitioners and operators to securely access dynamic hosts and services with fine-grained authorization without requiring direct network access. Boundary is designed to grant access to critical systems using the principle of least privilege, solving challenges organizations encounter when users need to securely access applications and machines.
Atlassian announced it has been building a machine learning layer called Atlassian Smarts, and is releasing several tools that take advantage of it. The goal of the machine learning layer is to remove the complexity involved with organizing people and information across the platform.
npm7 is the long due refactor/clean up of the npm cli and it spawns a couple of very important internal packages to their ecosystem, which are now the standard Programmatic APIs for npm. The npm7 is going to be a part of the upcoming node15 release but if you want to get it first, you can install it now.
Industry Research
When Priyanka Sharma took the reins at the CNCF this summer, it was hard to say whether her timing was auspicious or ominous. For four months now, she’s been trying to strike a balance between helping the foundation navigate its technical mission and tending to the well-being of its community. What she’s learned so far is that both aspects are essential for an open source movement to thrive.
In recent years, two new hotter compute trends have dominated the narrative a lot more than PaaS — Kubernetes and Serverless. Most of these technologies (Kubernetes, PaaS, Serverless) come in various flavors and depending on the flavor, fall at different places on the continuum. This means that the cloud compute continuum now contains multiple axes.
Developer Venture News
Since its launch in November 2017, Sanity has supported a community of over 50k content creators, has become a platform that handles more than 3 billion API calls per month, and is growing. With additional funding, they'll continue to invest in product development and community engagement, while further developing their go-to-market approach to be a strong business partner for their larger customers.
Twilio is paying $3.2 billion to acquire Segment, a technology startup that lets organizations pull customer data from one app into another, by way of APIs, and use its platform to better control the movement of that customer data, used for marketing and other applications that benefit from customer identification and segmentation. The deal underscores how Twilio is moving deeper into customer engagement services, both for marketing data and other purposes.
From The Heavybit Library
Every successful developer startup eventually sells to the enterprise. But managing the transition is tough for founders who identify more with technical users than procurement teams. This panel featuring the founders of Segment, Honeycomb, and Radar discusses how to incorporate an effective enterprise motion while balancing the product roadmap and still serving a stellar developer experience.

Radar is hosting Mobile On Air Oct 21-22 and offering free tickets to the HB community.