DevToolsDigest: Oct 28th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Aserto, .NET, gitconnected, Sequoia, Sentry, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
The Open Policy Registry is a Docker-inspired workflow for OPA policies. Tag your policies with a semantic version, just like you would a docker container, sign your policy layers using cosign, an OCIv2 container signing solution from the sigstore project in the Linux Foundation, and run a local read-eval-print loop to test your versioned policy, by setting inputs and issuing queries.
For the majority of the last year the .NET Team was hugely focused on improving the “inner dev loop” in .NET. As such the team worked hard on making lots of great improvements to .NET, the SDK and the tooling around it. But someone at Microsoft made the decision that some features can't be given away for free as part of the open source .NET SDK anymore.
Industry Research
The primary goal of any software project is to earn money through the automation of the business process. The quicker you can release the new versions to the customers, the better it is for your company. But how to implement the release process in a fast way?
There is a whole range of services and solutions available to create a data layer for your microservices. Most of these aren't made for GraphQL, while GraphQL is a great solution to build this API data layer. GraphQL can be used in both a microservices architecture and when you have a monolith.
Developer Venture News
Sequoia Capital, one of the world's oldest and most successful venture capital firms, is forming a single fund to hold all of its U.S. and European investments, including stakes in publicly-traded companies. The Sequoia Fund will serve as an open-ended capital vehicle; the sole limited partner for all future Sequoia "sub-funds" (seed, venture, growth, etc.).
Sentry has a long history of sharing its business success with the open source community. They've supported the Python and Django Software Foundations since 2016 with donations totalling about $75,000. Over the years, they’ve also supported smaller projects like Vue.js, Django Rest Framework, and Psycopg. 
From the Heavybit Library
In episode 8 of The Right Track, host Stef speaks with Josh Wills of WeaveGrid. They address common misconceptions about data and product analytics, tips for hiring data product managers, and many invaluable lessons Josh has learned from his time at companies like Slack, Google, and Cloudera.
In episode 42 of EnterpriseReady, host Grant is joined by Quinn Slack of Sourcegraph. They explore Quinn’s self-taught development career, insights on finding perfect product-market fit, and the pain points large orgs face when managing massive codebases.