DevToolsDigest: May 31st, 2019
This week's digest includes news and resources from Moesif, DeveloperMode, Pantheon, Slack, Foursquare, PagerDuty, Dwolla, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
The pg_auto_failover solution for Postgres is meant to provide an easy to setup and reliable automated failover solution. This solution includes software driven decision making for when to implement failover in production.
The HTTP specification defines many status codes we can use when responding to our clients. This guide walks through the various CRUD operations and which status codes you should be using for clean API design.
Thanks to the growth of the JAMstack, developers are building performant and secure websites as quickly as ever. Content creators are benefitting from this too, but at the same time are reaching the limitations of markdown as an authoring tool. The good news is there’s now a better way: a new format called MDX that empowers content creators to embed dynamic components inside of their markdown.
In this installment of their cheat sheet series, Snyk covers best practices for securing your serverless deployments. Make sure you download the cheat sheet and pin it up, so that your future decisions are secure decisions.
Industry Research
In the digital era, state and local government and education (SLED) agencies are increasingly leveraging new technological advances such as mobility, the cloud, and big data to better serve constituents while achieving cost efficiencies.
In this post, a Principal Software Engineer at Dwolla shares how moving to a serverless architecture improved the timeliness, configurability, cost and reliability of their webhooks.
Developer Venture News
Pantheon has acquired StagingPilot, creating a clear pathway for them to offer automation for website updates through their WebOps platform. This acquisition includes not just StagingPilot’s outstanding technology, but also founder Nathan Tyler and his brother Phil, who have created the gold standard of automated CMS maintenance.
Slack released its first quarter financial results showing steady growth and manageable losses as it prepares to go public on June 20. Slack lost $31.9 million, up 28% from the year prior, meanwhile, revenue grew by 67% to $134.8 million, according to the filing.
Foursquare just made its first acquisition. The location tech company has acquired Placed from Snap Inc. on the heels of a fresh $150 million investment led by The Raine Group. Placed founder and CEO David Shim will become president of Foursquare.
From The Heavybit Community
DevGuild: Product Marketing Videos Now Live
We’re happy to announce that all the talks from DevGuild: Product Marketing are now available online, check them out on the DevGuild site. Share your favorite talks on Twitter and tag them with #DevGuild.
In episode 31 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by Tanya Janca, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Tanya shares insights, from her early days leading software teams for the Canadian government, to evangelizing software security at Microsoft.
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