DevToolsDigest: May 13th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from the Biden Administration, Notion,, CircleCI, Lightstep, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
President Biden has issued a long-awaited executive order designed to improve supply chain security, incident detection and response and overall resilience to threats. Among the key measures is a requirement for all federal government software suppliers to meet strict rules on cybersecurity or risk being blacklisted.
The wait is over. Notion's API is now in public beta. Aggregate data from many sources into your team’s workspace. Spend less time context switching, and increase visibility across the software and services you rely on.
Industry Research
The Covid Resilience series has highlighted and focused on distilling sources of organizational resilience through learning from unexpected events. In this capstone article, Jeli founder Nora Jones explores key themes from each of the articles series with a special view on the practicality of organizational resilience for building companies that adapt to surprises and continue to thrive despite uncertainty and unexpected events.
Typical production database queries select a few number of rows from a potentially large dataset. They're designed to answer lots of questions quickly. Though it was designed for production systems, with a little tweaking Postgres can work extremely well as a data warehouse.  
Developer Venture News
CircleCI, the continuous delivery pioneer, announced a $100 million Series F on a $1.7 billion valuation. CircleCI CEO Jim Rose says part of the reason for taking on $200 million in two years is because even though the company was founded in 2011, the continuous delivery approach is still really just getting started.
Lightstep counts the likes of GitHub, Spotify and Twilio as some of its customers and provides a unified approach to observability, providing insights across metrics, distributed traces and logs. “With Lightstep, ServiceNow will transform how software solutions are delivered to customers. Now they’ll be able to build and operate their software faster than ever before and take the new era of work head on with confidence.”
From the Heavybit Community
May 25: Early Approaches to Developer Community & Content w/ Orbit, Chef, O'Reilly
What are the advantages of developer communities and dev-first go-to-market? Join us for Session 1 of DevGuild: Software-Defined Movements Tue May 25 on Early Approaches to Developer Community & Content. 

Featuring leaders with experience working for companies like, Chef, O'Reilly Media, Apollo GraphQL, Mux, and more, we'll outline a framework for engagement, early strategies to systematize and scale community, and examples of how others have forged a path to developer trust and love.
A capitalization table — often shortened to “cap table” — shows a breakdown of your startup’s ownership by stakeholder. A cap table makes it easy to see who owns what, and it helps you and investors understand your firm’s capital structure. Managing this cap table is a critical activity to set up from a startup’s early stages, yet it often gets overlooked by founders.