DevToolsDigest: March 8th, 2019
This week's digest includes news and resources from Amazon, Uber, ReadMe, Pantheon, Google, Stressgrid, Gravitational, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
AWS DCX Competency Partners support all phases of the digital customer acquisition and retention lifecycle. This includes content management and marketing automation to engage prospects and customers with the right experience; effective and secure commerce solutions to create seamless buying experiences, and data analytics to support your decisions and retain customers.
GPipe is a distributed machine learning library that uses synchronous stochastic gradient descent and pipeline parallelism for training, applicable to any DNN that consists of multiple sequential layers. Importantly, GPipe allows researchers to easily deploy more accelerators to train larger models and to scale the performance without tuning hyperparameters.
A Docker registry’s primary purpose is to store and distribute Docker images. This may seem like a relatively trivial task, but with a large-scale compute cluster like Uber’s, it can easily turn into a scaling bottleneck. Developed by Uber, Kraken is an open source peer-to-peer Docker registry capable of distributing terabytes of data in seconds.
Say you have an organization, with multiple projects, and multiple clients. You need to be able to make some parts of your APIs visible to some groups of users, and not for others, all the while, supporting your authentication protocol of choice (SAML/OAuth).
Industry Research
The CALM conjecture (and later theorem) was first introduced to the world in a 2010 keynote talk at PODS. Behind its simple formulation there’s a deep lesson to be learned with the power to create ripples through our industry akin to the influence of the CAP theorem.
Both HTTP 1.x and HTTP/2 rely on lower level connection-oriented protocols, namely TCP/IP and TLS. These protocols provide reliable delivery and correct order when data is chunked into multiple packets. TLS also includes encryption and authentication.
Fundamentally, a microservice is just a computer program which runs on a server or a virtual computing instance and responds to network requests. How is this different from a typical Rails/Django/Node.js application? It is not different at all.
Have you ever been on one of those phone calls with several other human beings where you’re all almost screaming at each other while trying to troubleshoot an issue when something’s going wrong that needs to be fixed right this instant? Did you really enjoy that experience and want to do it all the time?
Developer Venture News
Pantheon, which helps manage open-source content sites WordPress and Drupal, just raised $40 million in a Series D led by Sageview Capital. The company, which runs more than 280,000 websites, works to boost functions like website performance and security while also rolling out marketing campaigns and ads. Its customers include companies like Yale, Coach, United Nations, Quicken Loans, and IBM.
From The Heavybit Library
EnterpriseReady Ep. #5: The Evolution of Enterprise with Edith Harbaugh of LaunchDarkly
In episode 5 of EnterpriseReady, Grant meets with Edith Harbaugh, CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly. They talk about Edith's experiences building advanced enterprise features, and how enterprise sales have changed over the years.