DevToolsDigest: March 6th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from OverOps, Mux, Moesif, Sequoia Capital, Netlify, Rollbar, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
What’s the connection between Robinhood services, Coronavirus and your application’s health? The recent Coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc on many industries, as well as financial markets. This virus and the volatility it has brought into our lives is also having a heavy impact on the software we use everyday.
Sometimes, people will announce a conference, get thousands of sign ups and then one or two weeks before it’s set to go live they will be figuring out how to do it; how much different from a normal video conference call could it be?
Industry Research
There are a variety of API metrics that can be tracked that are aligned with engineering goals such as uptime, average latency, requests per minute, and errors per minute. However, these metrics are not aligned with the business goals of product owners and growth teams.
Here is the note that Sequoia Capital sent to founders and CEOs to provide guidance on how to ensure the health of their business while dealing with potential business consequences of the spreading effects of the coronavirus.
Developer Venture News
To enable more use cases at scale in 2020, they’re investing in new features catering to enterprise customers, including more control and better collaboration for larger teams. They look forward to enabling the JAMstack at scale with the services it needs as it looks to migrate major parts of its web infrastructure to Netlify.
They’re planning to use the funds to double the team over the year and hire across all functions, including product, sales, marketing, engineering, and across all their current locations. They’ll continue to focus on product development while improving customer experience and support.
Some developers, and projects, are more organized than others. No matter how organized you are, however, in the end the sheer volume of it all becomes overwhelming. This is why code search is needed.
From The Heavybit Library
Heavybit Member Spotlight- Netlify: Changing How Web Applications are Built
Heavybit is proud to count Chris and Matt among our growing group of successful Heavybit alumni who happily share their hard-won expertise back to new accelerator members.
When you first start building a sales team, you’ll need to arm your new team with the knowledge and assets they’ll need to close deals quickly. In this post, sales development leader Jake Biskar shares his thoughts on building high-impact sales enablement program, from what collateral to focus on to how to train your sales team to sell more effectively.