DevToolsDigest: March 29th, 2019
This week's digest includes news and resources from DeveloperMode, PagerDuty, Kong, Alibaba, Mux, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Creating a developer community project is both rewarding and difficult. Many developer advocates, evangelists, and marketers either don’t know where to begin, or have trouble building momentum across the teams at their company.
One-liners are tricky to maintain (and sometimes even hard to understand) but that doesn't stop them from being cool as hell. There's a certain satisfaction that comes after writing a terse solution.
On-call shadowing is an essential practice at PagerDuty. For a new engineer, a shadowing period serves as a kinder, smoother ramp-up to going on-call, with none of the stress or responsibility for diagnosing and fixing the issue.
Industry Research
We all know application issues cost money, but quantifying it – well, that’s a harder task. Many organizations have been struggling to understand not only the cost of downtime, but how to quantify the quality of their software and what the cost is of poor quality code.
When first building, the team knew they wanted to provide a cloud-enabled video conferencing service for users that have demanding video use cases, such as distributed product development, always-on video portals, and shared conference rooms in co-working spaces.
Different applications have different I/O patterns, they have different latency requirements, and they are never consistent. Throttling can help ensure that users get their fair share of the available bandwidth but, since most I/O is in the writeback path, it's often too late to throttle without putting pressure elsewhere on the system.
Developer Venture News
The SF-based startup is riding the wave of microservices as companies rethink the way they develop applications for cloud-based computing. Kong says adoption of its platform accelerated in 2018 to reach more than 75 million downloads of its open source API platform and deals with 110 enterprise customers.
As with AWS, Alibaba’s enterprise business stems out of the cloud-based infrastructure Alibaba has built for its own e-commerce powerhouse, which it has productised as a service for third parties that it calls Alibaba Cloud, which (like AWS) offers a range of cloud-storage and serving tiers to users.
From The Heavybit Library
Efficient Lead Gen & Marketing Ops
Companies often struggle with operationalizing their marketing – from marketing ops metrics, to choosing the right marketing stack, to launching nurturing campaigns, to channel attribution. It’s hard to know what to measure. This panel will help you understand where to focus your energy and pour more fuel on the fire.
In episode 6 of EnterpriseReady, Grant is joined by Andrew Peterson, Co-Founder and CEO of Signal Sciences, to discuss how his experiences solving security problems at Etsy helped shape his company's top-down, go-to-market approach.
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