DevToolsDigest: March 20th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from Orbit, Testim, Capiche, npm,  StackPath, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
To help community managers, DevRel teams, and anyone trying to track the health and growth of their community, Orbit has shared two big updates: 1) They overhauled the GitHub repository with more detail and examples, and 2) They created an Airtable template for tracking activity and calculating metrics.
Testim recently released a free and new tool that helps you write functional tests faster. The Playground enables you to record tests and then copy the code that can run on your Playwright testing framework.
Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. The recent COVID-19 outbreak is having a disproportionate impact on these businesses, who lack the resources of larger organizations to stay open. The Open for Business Hub lists technology companies that are helping small businesses by enabling remote work throughout this period.
Industry Research
When you combine technology with business you can solve things in entirely new and valuable ways. In this post, Craig thinks back to his time in college and what surprises him the most is that valuable skills around running meetings are so rare in the workplace.
The changes in software over the past decade—as desktop software was replaced with subscriptions and web apps—have made remote work the new normal. Even when working in an office, if you’re chatting on Slack, adding comments on documents in Google Docs and designs in Figma, tracking code changes in GitHub, sharing documents on Dropbox and Box, writing notes in Notion and Quip, you’re using the same tools that remote teams rely on.
Developer Venture News
npm is a critical part of the JavaScript world. The work of the npm team over the last 10 years, and the contributions of hundreds of thousands of open source developers and maintainers, have made npm home to over 1.3 million packages with 75 billion downloads a month.
We are in the midst of a huge transformation of the internet. With the explosive increase of IoT devices, accelerated demand of OTT video, the increase in low latency gaming use cases, and, perhaps most importantly, 5G, the needs of internet infrastructure are evolving rapidly and the ability to run distributed workloads that are optimized for the Edge will be critical.
From The Heavybit Library
Since its kick off by the Netlify team in 2016, JAMstack Radio has been bringing together developers, founders and technologists to discuss how teams are using JAMstack to build faster, better web applications. We asked JAMstack Radio host Brian Douglas to share his favorite JAMstack Radio episodes and conversations. 
In episode 27 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Christian Beedgen, CTO & Co-Founder of Sumo Logic. They discuss Christian’s background, security analytics, the challenges faced by first generation on-prem software companies, and the evolving security landscape.