DevToolsDigest: March 1st, 2019
This week's digest includes news and resources from Apple, Pantheon, CircleCI, OverOps, JFrog, Radar, Mux, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Apple is widely expected to move its Mac line to custom ARM-based chips in the coming years. The move could give developers a way to reach a bigger market with a single app, although the transition could be bumpy.
Pantheon has decided not to keep everything alive forever. The biggest reason to stop supporting older versions is quite simple: Technical Debt, in the same way no one should be asked to support Internet Explorer 6 in all their designs.
Ana is currently working as a Chaos Engineer at Gremlin, helping companies avoid outages by running proactive chaos engineering experiments. Previously, she worked at Uber as an engineer on the SRE and Infrastructure teams, where she specifically focused on chaos engineering and cloud computing.
Every engineer deserves a clear growth path so they can understand, plan, and execute on meaningful career growth. Providing a framework for this growth (called a competency matrix, career ladder, or professional development ladder) is important work, and the responsibility of any organization that wants to nurture and grow its employees.
Industry Research
Shamrock has been running their invoice management software for four years, and it was originally built as a Docker container running in GKC. But as their usership increased, it got increasingly painful to manage, and would frequently go down during peak traffic on Fridays.
Regardless if you are using microservices or serverless computing or your API is internally used or publicly accessible, there are many benefits to using API gateways and these days, its becoming far more critical for B2B companies to transition to platforms as customers and partners demand more customization and integrations.
Companies are indeed creating enviable levels of automation through DevOps, with some accelerating releases from months to days, and faster still. But DevOps is not a platform, nor a standard set of tools supported by a vendor.
Developer Venture News
JFrog, the popular DevOps startup is making a move to expand the tools and services it provides to developers on its software operations platform: it has acquired Shippable, a cloud-based continuous integration and delivery platform that developers use to ship code and deliver app and microservices updates.
From The Heavybit Community
Radar Joins Heavybit
Radar helps developers build apps with geofencing, location-based contextual analysis, and place-based event tracking using just a few lines of code. Their mission is to make every app on every device contextually aware, while still maintaining users’ data privacy.
AMA: Ask Mux Founders Anything
Announcing Mux Office Hours: a regular feature where you can ask the Mux founders anything (about video). Join as Mux founders and team answer questions around anything from building video applications, how video works, or how to build a product people love.
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