DevToolsDigest: June 24th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Stack Overflow, Splunk, Sanity, Nylas, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Developer-focused Q&A platform Stack Overflow has launched a new product called Collectives, branded communities where companies can organize and centralize discussions around broad topics, interact directly with developers who use their technologies, and glean data and insights around engagement and common questions.
Splunk is building on the launch of its Observability Cloud with a new, cloud-centric suite of security tools that its customers will be able to use to identify and investigate threats. It's billed as a comprehensive security operations platform that combines advanced security analytics with automation, investigations, threat intelligence and response capabilities.
Industry Research
Are you developing websites and web apps? Are you a developer, DevOps, tech leader, or part of a marketing team building on the web? Take the Jamstack Community Survey to help the community learn about the trends in the ecosystem: from programming language and frameworks used, to third-party API usage, and beyond.
Developer Venture News
Sanity is now being used by almost 100,000 developers, marketers, content creators and product professionals, “active users” numbering at 30,000. Customers include the likes of National Geographic, Puma, InVision, Datastax and Brex — who are using it to manage their content repositories and letting them flexibly use information across a range of endpoints.
The raise comes amid a booming API economy, as organizations are using APIs to improve their efficiency by tapping into the wider digital ecosystem. Nylas offers APIs spanning email, calendar, contacts, and scheduling and includes integrations with all the major services from the likes of Microsoft, Google, AOL, Yahoo, and IMAP.
From the Heavybit Library
In this 3-part series, Doug Johnson of ScaleUp walks through a workshop that he’s delivered to hundreds of early-stage companies and their sales teams to help build predictable pipeline and repeatable closing processes that target your most profitable market segments, driving you towards an increased valuation and de-risked growth strategy.