DevToolsDigest: June 18th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from ReadMe, CircleCI, Spero Ventures, Postman, Contentful, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
ReadMe has spent years working with customers of all kinds to build beautiful API developer hubs that are thoughtfully composed, a delight to use, and integrated with developer metrics for a seamless experience. But not everyone needs a full developer hub right away.
The customer engineering team at CircleCI helps users optimize how their configuration files are set up everyday - they find the most useful features for your projects, balancing both your time and your credit consumption. But teams don’t always have time to work with an expert to optimize their config.
Industry Research
This piece is intended to be a tool for startup founders who are evaluating if community is the right strategy for you and, if it is, what are the decisions you’ll have to make or best practices you should follow as you are launching your community.
Now is a great time to build a community online, and there’s no shortage of really great tools to help. But despite the many options, there’s no single tool to rule them all. There are just too many variables, including community size, engagement model, the size and capabilities of the team building the community, and more.
Developer Venture News
This Series E funding fuels Contentful's continued growth as they create the platform of choice for leading brands such as Spotify, ITV, Urban Outfitters, Aldo and Jack in the Box, to power the content that flows throughout these global businesses.
Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder at Postman, says that what’s attracting the funding is an end-to-end platform for building APIs. “We help developers, QA, DevOps — anybody who is in the business of building APIs — work on the same platform. They can use our tools for designing, documentation, testing and monitoring to build high-quality APIs, and they do that faster.”
From The Heavybit Library
If you’re running a developer tools business, then it’s almost certain you’re familiar with one of the most common sales problems: running a Proof of Concept (PoC) with a prospect who can’t make a purchase. PoCs can be a powerful sales tool, especially for early-stage companies, but they can also waste a lot of your time.
This week we’re turning our spotlight to Lianna Catino, Senior Product Marketing Manager for TruSTAR, an Intelligence Management Platform that helps Fortune 500 enterprise security teams operationalize security data so that they can make better decisions faster. Lianna was TruSTAR’s first marketing hire, and has had a front row seat over the last few years in building a DevTools go-to-market strategy and product from the ground up.