DevToolsDigest: July 9th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from ReadMe, Tailscale, LaunchDarkly, Hoopy, Nylas, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Marc Cuva is the lead Product Manager at ReadMe where he was also the company’s first full-time engineer. Learn more about Marc's impact on the company vision, his transition to product, and the mentorship he’s gotten from ReadMe’s founder Greg Koberger to further his development.
v0.99 includes more bug fixes and a new feature called “shields up.” This new feature lets any device put its “shields up” and reject all incoming connections over Tailscale. Outgoing connections will still work fine, so your personal computer can continue to SSH to your servers who don’t have their shields up, but all incoming connections will be blocked.
Honeycomb provides Observability for modern development teams to learn, debug, and improve their production systems efficiently so that business-critical apps perform with minimal disruption to users. You can now send LaunchDarkly flag action events to be monitored alongside your operational dashboards. 
Industry Research
Developer Relations is a growing and expanding practice. The 7th DevRel report is intended for DevRel practitioners, as a means to benchmark activities, and for others outside the practice to gain some understanding of its importance as a drive of innovation and corporate revenue.
Developer Venture News
The San Francisco-based company helps developers build features that connect to any email, calendar and contacts provider, turning that data into a knowledge tree of who knows who, whom customers have spoken with and, based on their need, whom they should speak with next.
Developers have to contend with a firehose of log data every day — sometimes on the order of petabytes. Chris Nguyen and cofounder Lee Liu set out to address the information overload seven years ago with LogDNA, which grew out of an internal tool they’d built for a previous company.
Palantir Technologies Inc. said it has confidentially filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission to go public, ending an extended wait that made the data analytics company one of Silicon Valley’s oldest private startups.
From The Heavybit Library
Adam DuVander is a developer, marketer, and founder of EveryDeveloper. He helps great dev tool companies reach more of the right developers with content. Previously, he worked for Zapier, SendGrid, and ProgrammableWeb. In this post, Adam shares a powerful technique for dev tool founders, marketers, and content managers.
During a recent session on hiring your first Product Marketing Manager (PMM) & doing more with less, Pendo’s VP of Product Marketing Ryan Goldman, shared what product marketing looks like for early stage organizations, and how founders can find their first product marketer. If you’ve already watched his talk, read on to learn more as he responds to some questions from the audience.