DevToolsDigest: July 16th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from Replicated, The PracticalDev, Greylock Partners, Auth0, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
At GitLab, Pundsack saw the company grow from 70 employees to 1,300 as it scaled its business through its on-premise offerings. Replicated monitors and manages services for Kubernetes-based applications and is hoping to bring the same kind of on-premise services to a broad array of enterprise clients.
Forem is the open source software which powers No coding skills required to own and administrate a community. The platform is flexible and hardened by the scrutiny of thousands of developers. Fill out the form if you're interested in starting a new community or empowering an existing one.
Industry Research
The impact of Covid-19 is playing out in waves: the rapid shift to digital business models, which shows us which existing technology can solve problems caused (or exacerbated) by the pandemic; and the heightened awareness of the strains within current systems such as health and supply chains, which shows us where new technology is needed.
Do you actually use algorithms and data structures on your day to day job? This article is a set of real-world examples where data structures like trees, graphs, and various algorithms were used in production.
Developer Venture News
Auth0’s identity platform suite, which can be deployed in the cloud, supports single sign-on (SSO) through a universal flow that directs users to a centralized authorization server. Auth0 isn’t alone in an identity and access market that’s anticipated to be worth $22.68 billion by 2025.
Enterprise open source database platform MariaDB has landed $25 million in new funding, bringing its total funding to $125 million. MariaDB plans to use the money to focus on SkySQL, which since March has already become the fastest growing product MariaDB has ever had.
From The Heavybit Library
In the current climate, burning through your runway while pursuing the wrong customers with the wrong approach could prove fatal, and fast. In this group session, messaging and positioning expert Justin Warren discussed how to avoid wasting time and money pursuing the wrong approaches to marketing and product development and instead accelerate finding product/market fit in a verifiable, structured way.