DevToolsDigest: January 11th, 2019
This week's digest includes news and resources from Pingdom, Amazon, Monitoring Weekly, the New York Times, Chef, TechCrunch, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Learn how to use JSON Web Token (JWT) to secure your Web and/or Mobile Application. JWTs make it easy to send read-only signed "claims" between services (both internal and external to your app/site).
Is Ruby the right tool for every job? No.
Are there valid reasons to look at other languages? Yes.
Are things still happening in Ruby? Hell yes.
For the first time, developers can use GitHub for their private projects with up to three collaborators per repository for free and organizations that want the flexibility to use GitHub in a cloud or self-hosted configuration can now access both at one per-seat price.
Pingdom is no longer offering free plans as of February 6, 2019 in order to focus resources and investment on the next phase of their product development. 
Developers form the majority of the people that will use your API to build something or just consume data. So your API should be as clean and as intuitive as possible.
So far the benefits have largely only been available to mobile app and backend developers. However, with the release of gRPC-Web, gRPC is poised to become a valuable addition in the toolbox of frontend developers.
Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is a fast, scalable, highly available, and fully managed document database service that supports MongoDB workloads.
Industry Research
Cross-browser testing is often a tricky issue for teams to tackle — there are so many browsers and versions to cover, that it can seem impossible to achieve the right level of coverage.
The idea behind a monorepo is to store all code in a single version control system (VCS) repository. The alternative is to store code split into many different VCS repositories, usually on a service/application/library basis. 
Mike Julian, Editor-in-Chief of Monitoring Weekly and industry analyst, makes some predictions for what the monitoring and observability world will see in 2019.
Having a poor developer experience led to: engineers making workarounds to sync their code changes to EC2’s directly bypassing the pipelines. Unit tests barely used as the pipeline took a long time to give feedback and debugging wasn’t easy. 
The Commerce Department is considering national security restrictions on artificial intelligence. Some worry they could stunt the industry in the U.S.
Unconstrained by a single vendor, the JavaScript ecosystem closely reflects human culture. It is inventive, incremental, messy, assimilating everything on its way, and ubiquitous.
The biggest prob­lem with using per­centile laten­cies is not actu­al­ly with percentile laten­cies them­selves, but with the way it’s imple­ment­ed by almost every sin­gle ven­dor out there.
That Agile is a cultural change is well-documented and as soon as Agile scales beyond team or department-level, that matters even more than ever.
Open source Fluentd has emerged as an open source data collector for massive amounts of log data from often many different sources — in a way that is especially useful for cloud native deployments on Kubernetes.
Developer Venture News
Akamai is acquiring Janrain to combine the Janrain Identity Cloud and the Akamai Intelligent Platform in order to make Akamai's security and performance solutions fully "identity aware." 
Today, many companies provide developer access to their services via APIs. Moesif, a San Francisco startup, wants to help these companies gain insight into their customer’s API usage patterns.
After 10 years at the Seattle company he co-founded and helped steer through a rapidly changing market for enterprise technology, Chef CTO Adam Jacob is ready for a break.
From The Heavybit Library
Arianna Willett: Security & Establishing Customer Trust
In this presentation Arianna Willett, Security Risk, Trust & Compliance at Twilio, covers some of the core security concerns from her company's Enterprise Customer Trust Group and how she manages to assuage their fears through better implementation and product design.
JAMstack Radio: Ep. #35 GraphQL Querying with Hasura's Tanmai Gopal
In episode 35 of JAMstack Radio, Brian talks to Tanmai Gopal, CEO and Co-Founder of Hasura, about what makes GraphQL popular and how you can start using it instantly with Hasura. 
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