DevToolsDigest: Feb 17th, 2022
This week's digest includes news and resources from Aserto, GitLab, BVP, Cloudinary, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Every SaaS app needs permissions and RBAC. Why don't we have a standard developer API for authorization? Because authorization is a much harder architectural challenge than most other developer APIs. To take Aserto out for a spin, sign up for a free account, or give their playground a whirl.
GitLab provides a Dependency Scanning feature that can automatically detect vulnerabilities in your software dependencies. Dependency Scanning covers various programming languages and relies on the GitLab security advisory database, that is updated on a periodic basis by the Vulnerability Research team at GitLab.
Industry Research
Making a partnership is an art and you won’t always be able to follow this recipe perfectly–and that is okay. If you keep empathy and support for customers and your partners at the core of your approach, you will build some excellent partnerships.
With the motto “Only ramp what works,” Law 3 of the 10 Laws of Cloud emphasizes the importance of respecting the sales and marketing learning curve. While building a go-to-market engine is foundational to scaling a cloud business, this is easier said than done, especially as go-to-market strategies and organizations differ from company to company.
Developer Venture News
Santa Clara-based Cloudinary, which also has a large team in Israel, has prospered by selling software that helps almost 10,000 customers, including household names such as Nike, Tesla and NBC, automate the drudgery of tailoring and delivering images and videos online at scale.
From Heavybit
Doug Gould has created and scaled global partnerships programs at Cloudability and Xamarin, and has worked in Business Development at AWS. On Wed Feb 23, Doug will be sharing how to test, learn, and scale with Minimum Viable Partnerships.
Congratulations, you’ve got developer love, an expanding community, and you’re ramping to repeatable revenue – only you can’t seem to truly leverage this momentum, what’s wrong? In this DevGuild: Dev-First GTM presentation, Amplitude's John Cutler offers a founder-focused blueprint for enabling hyper efficient PLG at your early-stage startup.