DevToolsDigest: Feb 10th, 2022
This week's digest includes news and resources from Metrist, Aserto, Retool, Radar, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Metrist is for anyone that goes on-call to support software built on the public cloud. Like an optometrist for their patients, it gives users visibility into the performance, functionality, and availability of the world’s most built-upon cloud products. 
The policy CLI works with the Open Container Registry (OPCR) which is similar to Docker Hub: it lets developers freely host policy images, search through these shared policies and download them as they would with other container registries.
Industry Research
When Andreas Fuchs joined Stripe as an engineer in 2012, the company was about 25 people located in a former wedding chapel hidden behind a wine bar in Palo Alto, working on one main product, the payments API. He later joined as one of the first engineers on the Reliability Tooling team and adapted BRB to serve the entire incident response lifecycle.
The Go standard library has two templating packages: text/template and html/template. Unfortunately neither package is suitable or powerful enough for sufficiently advanced use cases without heavy developer investment.
Developer Venture News
Radar—which uses geofencing to help companies determine where customers are—has raised a $55 million Series C round. While location data initially came to a halt during lockdown, Radar has recently seen a boom thanks to contactless delivery, check-ins, in-store ordering, payments and pickups.
From Heavybit
Producing your first real content often feels like boiling the ocean, where do you start and who are you writing for? In our first Speaker Series of 2022, Erik Dietrich will share his framework for early stage content strategy, including establishing KPIs, figuring out where to spend budget, and modeling ROI. 
In this DevGuild: Developer-First GTM panel, learn from the founders of Hasura, Sanity, and Tailscale about how they actually did the work of developer discovery, where they found success, and how they failed along the way.