DevToolsDigest: December 13th, 2019
This last digest of the year includes news and resources from, Sanity, Wired, Stripe, SolarWinds, Electron, and more. See you in 2020!

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The Week in Developer Tools
Now you can instantly run code from a GitHub repository without the hassle of configuring a local development environment. Simply click the import button on or click a run on badge, which will be coming to README files near you.
The Rambler Group filed a copyright violation against NGINX Inc., claiming full ownership of the NGINX web server code. The Rambler Group is the parent company of, one of Russia's biggest search engines and internet portals.
Glush is a new parser compiler based on Glushkov’s construction algorithm. It offers a human readable grammar, is naturally top-down and maintains worst case cubic performance for even the most ambiguous grammars.
Industry Research
Cloud computing has made essential tools, like Google Docs and Slack, possible. But it comes with compromises. The smart toaster can’t toast without Wi-Fi. The music skips when you enter the subway tunnel, and then the entire library disappears when the startup goes out of business.
Deciding what to work on is always difficult and is especially treacherous for folks working as infrastructure engineers and leaders. Will Larson unpacks the process of picking and prioritizing technical infrastructure work, which is essential to long-term company success but discussed infrequently.
Do you have disdain for your customers? Do you wish they would go away? When you interact with customers are you silently fantasizing about them switching to your competitor's product? In short, do you hate your customers? Maybe you should try using your company's external APIs to show your disdain.
Developer Venture News
SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, announced it has acquired VividCortex, a leading provider of SaaS-delivered database performance management with an emphasis on databases commonly used in cloud-native applications designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.
The OpenJS Foundation is host to a number of open source JavaScript projects including jQuery, Node.js, and webpack. It's supported by 30 corporate and end-user members, including GoDaddy, Google, IBM, Intel, Joyent, and Microsoft. Electron is an open–source framework for building cross-platform desktop applications with web technologies.
From The Heavybit Library
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