DevToolsDigest: August 31st, 2018
This week's digest includes news and resources from Mux, Serverless, OverOps,  Rainforest QA, Cribl, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
The new Real-Time Streaming Dashboard provides essential metrics for engineering and ops teams in one real-time view. It helps video platform operators immediately spot critical issues or failures and quickly resolve them before they overload your support team or go viral (a.k.a “Treat it before they Tweet it.”)
For the first time, Cribl gives full access to the data in motion to lookup, enrich, redact, encrypt, transform, or sample data before indexing. Cribl enables new use cases for Splunk, like bringing in sensitive information with role-based decryption or bringing in high volume but low value data sources like Netflow affordably.
After a few weeks of dogfooding and beta testing these new style Slack notifications with customers, Snyk has now rolled updates out to all of its users. If you haven’t already tried out the Slack integration, give it a try!
This week, veteran Node.js core contributor and former Node.js TSC member Fedor Indutny published an article on his personal blog detailing a newly-discovered vulnerability in V8. Named HashWick, this vulnerability will need to be addressed by Node.js, but has not been patched yet.
Industry Research
Last week, Redis Labs announced a change in how they will license some extensions to the core Redis project. This prompted substantial dialog about the efficacy of the new license as it relates to Redis the OSS project as well as Redis Labs (the business trying to generate revenue on top of the OSS).
There is complexity, upfront costs and, of course, finding an expert to build and manage infrastructure. These challenges have made data warehousing expensive for all but large-scale organizations to implement. But with serverless technologies, are those days over?
Companies that survive in the software industry focus on innovation, speed, and agility. Teams too-often forget about quality when they’re working hard to speed up the delivery of innovative software. So, how can development teams contribute to test strategies that prioritize high-quality software and the speed of delivery?
Postgres is a rich and powerful database. And the existence of PostgreSQL extension APIs have enabled Postgres to expand its capabilities beyond the boundaries of what you would expect in a traditional relational database.
After a few years of focusing solely on Java developers, OverOps has decided to broaden its horizons and explore a whole new language. This year, they’re using their data crunch skills to explore what popular libraries are being used by C# developers.
Venture Announcements
VMware Inc will acquire CloudHealth Technologies as part of the information technology company's continued push into cloud-based software services. The Palo Alto, California, company will pay approximately $500 million for the Boston-based startup. 
Google announced that it is providing the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) with $9 million in Google Cloud credits to help further its work on the Kubernetes container orchestrator and that it is handing over operational control of the project to the community.
From The Heavybit Library
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