DevToolsDigest: August 17th, 2018
This week's digest includes news and resources from Oracle, Arcentry, the Chick-fil-A IOT/Edge team, GitHub, Y Combinator, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
GraphPipe provides a standard, high-performance protocol for transmitting tensor data over the network, along with simple implementations of clients and servers that make deploying and querying machine learning models from any framework a breeze.
These are the tips you need to write code that is so difficult to maintain, that the people who come after you will take years to make even the simplest changes. You will even guarantee yourself a lifetime of employment, since no one but you has a hope in hell of maintaining the code.
The still-maturing ecosystem of serverless means that there isn't a range of tools available for specific aspects of application deployment within this infrastructure style. But also, the nature of serverless as an events-driven architecture means that in many cases, it is difficult to usefully test for how things will occur in a production environment.
Industry Research
Redpoint recently hosted its second annual Cloud Native Summit in partnership with the CNCF and Amplify Partners. Thought Leaders from LaunchDarkly, Hashicorp, Envoy, and Serverless Inc came together for a panel on Cloud Native technology.
Why does a restaurant company like Chick-fil-A want to deploy Kubernetes at the Edge? What are the goals? At Chick-fil-A, they believe the solutions to many of their capacity problems are technology solutions.
Is the tech industry ethical? Does it have to be? And the consumer demand for features is more important than security. And millennials don’t even care about privacy anyway. These are all common myths about tech ethics.
An in-depth look into how two leading time-series databases stack up in terms of data model, query language, reliability, performance, ecosystem, operational management, and company/community support.
Navigating the jungle of Lambda Functions, API Gateways, S3 Buckets, VPNs, VPCs, Cloudfront Templates, and all the other bits and bops required doesn't quite feel like what they had in mind when they envisioned the simple, self-orchestrating, serverless world of tomorrow.
The idea of having multiple AWS accounts in your organization broken out not just by team but also by cost center isn't the terrible idea that some people tend to assume it is.
Venture Announcements
Y Combinator is expanding to China after it announced the hiring of former Microsoft and Baidu executive Qi Lu, who will develop a standalone startup program that runs on Chinese soil. 
As the world shifts to a cloud native approach, the way you secure applications as they get deployed is changing too. Twistlock, a company built from the ground up to secure cloud native environments, announced a $33 million Series C round led by Iconiq Capital.
From The Heavybit Archive
Is your sales team working on low-value activity? Kristen Habacht, the Head of Enterprise Sales at Atlassian for Trello, discusses how to go about automating them in this Heavybit Speakers Series presentation. 
In episode 18 of Venture Confidential, Aligned Partners’ Jodi Sherman Jahic stops by the Heavybit studio to discuss what kind of companies and portfolios she invests in and what capital efficiency should mean for startups.
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