DevToolsDigest: August 13th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from Mux, New Relic, Grafana Labs, Slack, Atlassian, Cloudforecast, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
New Relic, the observability platform company, and Grafana Labs, the popular open source dashboarding platform, announced an ongoing partnership to drive advanced open instrumentation and visibility for developers and software teams.
At the core of these integrations is the ability to get rich unfurls of deep links to Atlassian products in Slack, no matter whether that’s in DMs, public or private channels. Coming soon, those unfurls will become a default feature within Slack, even if the user who is seeing the link isn’t an Atlassian user yet.
If you’ve worked in Amazon Web Services for long, you’ve probably seen or used AWS cost allocation tags to organize your team’s resources. AWS allows you to attach metadata to most resources in the form of key-value pairs called tags. Any organization that uses AWS at scale will need to develop a tagging strategy that works for them. 
Industry Research
JavaScript Weekly, has just released its 500th issue. To celebrate the milestone, Best of JavaScript picked 20 significant projects, from 2006 to 2020 to create this short story of the web platform from jQuery to Rome.
Containers isolate software from its environment and ensure that it works uniformly despite differences for instance between development and staging. But some people are frustrated with the quirks of containers and don't remember there being any problems with non-containerized infrastructure in the first place. 
Developer Venture News
Mux — the leading video platform for developers — announced it has closed $37 million in Series C funding. With this round, Mux will expand product, sales, and marketing teams to help more of the world’s leading companies deliver the best online video streaming experiences.
Revenue intelligence startup Gong has landed $200 million in a Series D round of funding, bumping its valuation up to $2.2 billion. The company is looking to grow and expand globally next year, so it will help to have money in the bank in case it wants to make an acquisition or make other strategic moves.
From The Heavybit Library
As we collectively adjust to the new normal, we’ve been collecting insights from industry experts and experienced leaders to learn what teams can do to weather uncertain times more effectively. In this post, we focus on the shift to remote work and offer some security best practices for teams small or large.
During a recent session on doubling down on your content marketing strategy, DigitalOcean founder and Clubhouse CMO Mitch Wainer, discussed ways founders can reimagine how they target content work and spend less, while strengthening market position with content.