DevToolsDigest: August 10th, 2018
This week's digest includes news and resources from Citus Data, The Linux Foundation, Particle, Uber, GitHub, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Tower Web is an asynchronous HTTP web framework that focuses on removing boilerplate. It's built on top of Tokio, Hyper, and of course Tower. It works today on stable Rust.
In past posts, this fun SQL series has looked at generate_series, window functions, and recursive CTEs. This week, learn to take a step backward and look at standard CTEs (common table expressions) within Postgres.
Hyperledger is an open-source project developed by the Linux foundation. It uses a modular approach to building blockchains to allow companies to develop what works best for them - and has attracted big companies like IBM, Intel, Samsung and J.P. Morgan to work on new projects.
The hardware designs for the Argon, Boron, and Xenon are final. A lot of engineering and design has happened since Particle started taking preorders for Particle Mesh hardware in February and they want to share with you the changes they’ve made to improve all of the Particle Mesh dev kits.
To facilitate the growth of their global operations, Uber needs to be able to quickly store and access billions of metrics on their back-end systems at any given time. As part of their robust and scalable metrics infrastructure, they built M3, a metrics platform that has been in use at Uber for several years now.
At GitHub, they serve tens of thousands of requests every second out of their network edge, operating on GitHub’s metal cloud. They're excited to share more details about their load balancer’s design, as well as release the GLB Director as open source.
Made by the team at Hasura, graphqurl is a curl like CLI for GraphQL. It can make GraphQL queries with autocomplete, run GraphiQL locally against any endpoint, be used as a library with nodejs or from the browser, and supports subscriptions.
Industry Research
At RedMonk, they generally try to avoid coming up with new terms for technologies and trends – after all, where there is an available term in common use, why not just adopt it?
Integrating into open source communities takes time and effort and requires a new approach to product development. Where traditional, proprietary development requires secrecy and a management hierarchy, open source development requires openness and values consensus.
Progressive Delivery incorporates a ‘built-for-failure’ model through the use of feature flags and the introduction of a feature management platform that can consolidate all the control points into a single interface useable across organizations of any scale. This is a key distinction of Progressive Delivery; it requires this aspect of control.
Rainforest QA has a fantastic sales team that works on complex use cases to help teams create faster, more effective QA processes. They wanted to learn more about what makes their sales culture unique, so they sat down with Ryan Basch, Mid-Market Sales Manager, to discuss how B2B sales can benefit from a personal touch.
Venture Announcements
Slack has been on a growth tear in the last few years, most recently passing 8 million daily active users, 3 million of them paying. Now, the company is planning to capitalize on that with some more funding.
Treasure Data's founders have built an amazing company that anchors Arm’s foray into IoT with the Arm Pelion IoT Platform. While financial terms of the acquisition transaction were not disclosed, it joins a recent string of other meaningful exits in the broader, developer and enterprise “deep tech” ecosystem.
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