DevToolsDigest: April 9th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from LaunchDarkly, Mux, Burkland Associates, TechCrunch, First Round Review, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Communicate to your community easily with a simple, free JAMstack-based website builder that is scalable by default. This customizable template website for Covid-19 news enables local and international organizations to quickly share announcements, links to resources and local news updates with a customizable website built with Gatsby, Netlify and Contentful.
The LaunchDarkly plugin for Gatsby makes it easy to start using feature flags in any Gatsby site. This plugin is powered by the LaunchDarkly React SDK. This SDK uses server-sent events to stream feature flag updates to your site in realtime. With it you can control feature availability instantly without your users having to refresh the page.
Mux is the video API for the JAMstack. The philosophy behind Mux and how we approach video fits in neatly with the JAMstack philosophy. Mux will act as your video infrastructure by handling the storage, hosting and delivery of your video without getting in the way or being opinionated about the presentation.
Industry Research
Welcome to the Burkland COVID-19 Resource Center. They will update these resources and add new COVID-19 Resources as new information becomes available.
Whether you’re tasked with energizing your existing community, pivoting your company’s event programming, scrambling to spin it all up for the first time — or just trying to hold a really great virtual happy hour — Spinks offers a wealth of wisdom drawn from over a decade spent deepening the moat of community.
Developer Venture News
CircleCI, an early adherent to the notion of continuous delivery when it launched in 2011, announced a $100 million Series E investment. It comes on top of a $56 million round last July. The round was led by IVP and Sapphire Ventures.
From The Heavybit Community
Tailscale is a new kind of corporate VPN that requires no hardware or infrastructure and sets up in minutes. Based on Google’s zero-trust BeyondCorp architecture, and built using the WireGuard protocol, Tailscale makes network security accessible to teams of any scale.
Even if you understand your positioning and buyer personas quite well, and you understand your blog to be a valuable content marketing asset, figuring out what to put on it and how to get it there feels like boiling the ocean.
Welcome to the Heavybit Community Spotlight Series, where we highlight the people that make up the Heavybit community, and the interesting projects and ideas that they’re exploring right now. This week we’re turning our spotlight to Jason Lengstorf, Developer Experience Engineer for Netlify. He’s also host of Learn with Jason, a live stream coding show where Jason pair programs with a variety of interesting folks in the developer community and helps viewers learn new skills.