DevToolsDigest: April 30th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from Sanity, Snyk, Orbit, Avo, Figma, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Sanity has made their community management studio and Slack integration publicly available. It's become an essential tool for how they manage all the questions raised in the community Slack. In this post, they discuss how they approach community, and how they use Sanity to build Sanity.
Snyk is now available on the Red Hat Marketplace. All solutions available through the marketplace have been tested and certified for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform, allowing them to run anywhere OpenShift runs.
Industry Research
Heavybit advisor David Dorman spent 5 years as DigitalOcean's Director of Growth Marketing and now he's joined Grafana Labs as the Head of Self-Service. In this post, he shares his most important learnings from this time at DigitalOcean.
The driving purpose for your online event shouldn’t be just because “Our in-person events have been canceled.”Instead, your purpose should provide a clear desired outcome that will guide and inform each planning decision.
At Avo, they receive a number of requests to recommend best practices. In this first post in their best practices series, they walk you through the Purpose Meeting, a great platform to find and prioritize the highest-impact, lowest-effort tracking to understand the success for every feature release.

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Developer Venture News
Figma launched in 2015 after nearly six years of development in stealth. The premise was to create a collaborative, cloud-based design tool that would be the Google Docs of design. Since, Figma has built out the platform to expand access and usability for individual designers, small firms and giant enterprise companies alike.
From The Heavybit Library
In a recent session with Heavybit members, Tidelift’s developer sales leader Bridget Gleason and marketing executive Chris Grams outline what you should be doing today, tomorrow, and through the next quarter in order to preserve runway, source or salvage the right new deals, and get your entire organization aligned around the right revenue goals and activities.
Finance and CFO-for-Hire consulting firm Burkland Associates recently published a slew of CARES Act and COVID-19-related resources, and Burkland’s Steven Lord met with Heavybit founders to better navigate their options. 
Our portfolio companies solve problems. In normal times, they’re solving problems for developers and people building products. But during this time, many have gone above and beyond to find solutions or to help others solve problems that are impacting everyone globally. In this post, we’d like to recognize just a few of the individuals and organizations using devtools to contribute to COVID-19 efforts.