DevToolsDigest: April 2nd, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from Tailscale, Netlify, Sanity, TruSTAR, Orbit, HashiCorp, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Networking and cloud infrastructure has become too complicated. Attempts to increase team connectivity and migrate towards remote work results in a corresponding burden of security. This reduces productivity. Systems and approaches don’t scale without significant time and effort. 

Tailscale is a fully functional mesh VPN that can be deployed in minutes on top of your existing infrastructure. You can get started with your personal email address to create a private network. When you’re ready, switch over to a custom domain and expand Tailscale to your team.
Over 80% of Netlify’s employees were hired without ever meeting them in person. Oh yeah, and they have a 94% close rate. In this issue of The Offer, breaks down Netlify's entirely virtual interview process to learn how they evaluate, sell and win candidates in the Zoom Age - with tactics and templates you can put into use today.
In this guide, DevX Dylan Jhaveri shows you how he migrated the Mux blog from Ghost to Sanity, made previews for web and SEO, and customized the studio with logo and brand colors.
Industry Research
The impact of COVID-19 is disrupting business operations across industries and across the globe. For the enterprise cybersecurity operators, this is having a one-two punch of a surge of COVID-19 themed adversarial activity as well as increased noise and disruption due to the knock-on effects of remote working policies.
In the coming months, community members will rely on each other to stay healthy and grounded as we navigate the unknown, and companies should look to community and customer-facing teams to introduce empathy into their processes and communications.
Developer Venture News
To further HashiCorp product integrations with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects and to work more closely with the broad community of cloud engineers, today HashiCorp is joining the CNCF. This will enable HashiCorp to be more present in the CNCF community both digitally and in-person.
The company’s aim is to help mobile teams–particularly those who aren’t sitting behind a desk and are highly distributed–more easily communicate in real-time. Frontline workers are most typically found in the transportation, logistics, manufacturing and health care industries.
From The Heavybit Community
Product Management makes decisions, lots of them. Some days it’s 10 small decisions about the product interface, some days it’s one major decision about a $3M acquisition. Decision making is part and parcel to the job. Yet, decision making is the most critical and contentious activity that any team undertakes.

If you enjoyed this post by Connie, you can catch her talk on Early-Stage Product Storytelling, next Thu Apr 9 from 12-1:15pm. RSVP here for the livestream link. 
2019 was an amazing year for the open source community. More and more companies are not only relying on the work of the open source community, but are contributing back both in terms of financial donations as well as engineering time investment. That being said, with success and growth come many challenges.