DevToolsDigest: April 23rd, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from Bitbucket, Vercel, Tailscale, Kelda, Confluent, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
As the ownership of application security shifts left into developers' hands, building security into your CI/CD pipeline is increasingly critical. As you look to embed security early and throughout your CI/CD pipeline, these tips will help you improve the security of your Bitbucket deployments, with no workflow interruptions.
Vercel, which was previously known as ZEIT, was founded by the creators of the Next.js framework. The company changed its name to align with its new focus of providing the “ultimate workflow for developing, previewing and shipping Jamstack sites,” and bridge the gap between development feedback and release.
Industry Research
An article by Michael Tremer titled Why not WireGuard is sometimes shared in VPN discussions. Unfortunately that article contains several misconceptions and some out-of-date information that deserves to be addressed. In this post, Tailscale co-founder Avery goes through Michael's arguments section by section.
Though occasionally exaggerated, the benefits of microservices can be real in some cases. Particularly for large organizations, with many teams, microservices can make a lot of sense. However, microservices aren’t magic – for all of their benefits, they come with significant drawbacks. 
Developer Venture News
Though new data technologies come and go, event streaming is emerging as a major new category that is on a path to be as important and foundational in the architecture of a modern digital company as databases have been. This has hugely accelerated as their cloud offering, Confluent Cloud, has been brought to market. 
From The Heavybit Library
Your community may prefer to build, HackerOne's prefers to break, but the tool chest is not much different for your DevRel community-building tactics. In this article, Luke Tucker shares a look under the hood at the suite of community building tools that they use at HackerOne to keep their community connected and engaged.
This week we’re turning our spotlight to Stefania Olafsdottir, CEO and co-founder of Avo. We chatted with Stef about why she’s passionate about empowering teams to use data more effectively, how the role of the data science teams is evolving, and what she’s doing to adapt to life under COVID.