DevToolsDigest: April 16th, 2020
This digest includes news and resources from HashiCorp, GitHub, Testim, Pantheon, BVP, Stripe, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
This guide combines Visual Studio Code and Docker to mimic your production settings and create consistency across the development environments. Both Docker and Visual Studio Code are required to be installed to use this guide.
This joint whitepaper, co-authored with GitHub, discusses how HashiCorp tools and the GitHub platform work together to enable organizations to adopt a strong CI/CD workflow and increase developer velocity.
Testim has launched another free tool to record and play GUI functional tests that can be run as code on Puppeteer frameworks. The Testim Puppeteer recorder helps developers to use the web interface to quickly capture a user scenario that produces the JavaScript code to run on a Puppeteer environment.
Industry Research
As we're experiencinga major shift in how we work and communicate, organizations using waterfall processes are falling further behind. The need for agility is now. 
In this conversation, Jeff Lawson, CEO and co-founder of Twilio, Tobi Lütke, CEO and founder of Shopify, and Ben Silbermann, CEO and co-founder of Pinterest, talked about grappling with the difficulties of weathering an economic downturn and all the while staying customer-centric.
Developer Venture News
Making it easier to integrate payments into an online service has long been one of the reasons why Stripe has been on a growth tear: it arrived at a time when other solutions were still too fragmented and complicated, and its impact on the wider e-commerce market has seen a number of its competitors and other new entrants offer equally simplified products.
From The Heavybit Community
Last week, Connie Kwan shared how to understanding and adapting your product storytelling style can help you tell more impactful, resonant stories. During the Q&A session after her talk, our viewers chimed in with questions about how to use her storytelling techniques for a technical audience.
Welcome to the Heavybit Community Spotlight Series, where we highlight the people that make up the Heavybit community, and the interesting projects and ideas that they’re exploring right now. This week we’re turning our spotlight to Greg Koberger, founder of ReadMe, and his team.