DevToolsDigest: April 12th, 2019
This week's digest includes news and resources from Radar, Moesif, Serverless, Netlify, PagerDuty, Retool, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Serverless Framework provides everything a developer needs to build and deploy their serverless application, in one simple, rich experience. Serverless Framework Enterprise adds to that by focusing on solving serverless operations problems for developer teams, all while keeping it simple, so you can focus on results, not more tech complexity.
When it comes to web development, the ability to replicate your production environment is key. It brings confidence that the code you write on your local machine will behave as intended when it is published to the world. This has been one of the many desirable aspects of JAMstack sites since the beginning.
You've gathered the requirements, checked out the tables, joined all the things and you're ready to push execute. The query runs. and runs. and runs... Before you rage quit or call in your DBA, check that these 10 things aren't slowing your queries down.
Awesome Stacks is a community-curated list of tech stacks for building different applications and features. Discover powerful tools and platforms for your next project, and share your favorite combinations with other devs.
While many people use S3 to manually upload and manage static files, the S3 web UI isn’t great. Especially not when versioning is involved. S3 versioning also only applies on the bucket level — you can’t choose to version a subset of objects — a folder, say — in a bucket.
Industry Research
Product quality is more important to the success of businesses than ever before. In a software market flooded with an ever-increasing pool of options, businesses and consumers alike demand high-quality, delightful experiences from the platforms and applications they use daily.
Web applications are an extremely important part of our lives; we use them daily, and at this point, a huge portion of the world relies on them. With this, developers have a rapidly growing customer base that is reliant on the functionality they provide.
You have an API program that developers are adopting, but unsure how much. How long does it take for a new integration to move to revenue generating? This article will talk more about what you should be measuring with your API and how to leverage that information.
Developer Venture News
PagerDuty was founded by three innovative software developers who knew what it was like to manage “always on” cloud services. Now, PagerDuty is helping companies of all sizes collaboratively manage real-time work, ensuring that their digital services are always on and able to deliver a great user experience.
Radar is powering location-based experiences for Fortune 500 companies and top apps like Walmart, Burger King, and trivago. Since announcing their seed round in October 2017, they have scaled 100x and are now processing hundreds of billions of locations per year from nearly 100 million devices.
It's time to bring transparency and democratization to security. Introducing the first Application Security Management (ASM) solution and Sqreen's Series A round.
Conversational AI and the use of chatbots have been through multiple cycles of hype and disillusionment in the tech world. But time brings improvements and more focused expectations, and now Rasa is harnessing all those learnings to take its own approach to conversational AI to the next level.
From The Heavybit Library
We're excited to announce that we now have a completed lineup for May 2nd's DevGuild: Product Marketing. Since our last announcement, we've had some amazing speakers join us, including:
  • Isaac Schlueter, Co-Founder and CPO, npm
  • Indy Sen, Head of Product Marketing, WeWork
  • Erin McKean, Developer Relations Program Manager, Google
  • Christina Noren, CPO, CloudBees
There are only a few tickets left so get yours now before we open up a waitlist. 
While Heavybit companies have celebrated many exits and acquisitions since 2013, PagerDuty is the first member company to be listed on public markets. Over the years Heavybit has had the pleasure of both working with, and learning from the team. For a look at some of the ways PagerDuty has operationalized its business for  success, here are some of the lessons they’ve taught the community.
In episode 7 of EnterpriseReady, Grant talks with Paul Querna, Senior Architect at Okta. They talk about Pauls founding of ScaleFT and how it got acquired by Okta, the zero-trust concepts they evangelized, and what its like to integrate into a vendors go-to-market process.
In episode 10 of Demuxed, Matt and Steve are joined by Colleen Kelly Henry and Eric Zawolkow, to talk about their experiences overseeing all things video-related at Facebook, and what its like maintaining complex live video streams for large audiences.