DevToolsDigest: July 13th, 2018
This week's digest includes news and resources from Google, HashiCorp, Snyk, Serverless, Timekit, VMware, Redpoint, The New Stack, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Google announced Jib, an open-source Java containerizer that lets Java developers build containers using the Java tools they know. Jib is a fast and simple container image builder that handles all the steps of packaging your application into a container image.
On Twitter, Kristijan Ristovski aka. @thekitze, simplifies your decision about React Native
Following their last two cheat sheets on Local Type Inference in Java and GitHub Security best practices, Snyk was pleased to continue their series of handy, printable, cheat sheets with a more specific security vulnerability that has affected many thousands of applications.
At long last, the wait is over. AWS recently announced that Simple Queue Service (SQS) is available as a Lambda event source. This has been a highly-requested feature for a while, and the AWS team took the time to make sure it was implemented correctly.
With their new Zapier integration it has become much easier to integrate Timekit with all the other tools you use to run your business. With just a few clicks you can connect Timekit to thousands of apps via Zapier.
Integrating VMware with Amazon’s cloud infrastructure has been a big job for engineering teams on both sides of the partnership. Both have had to make major changes to their architectures and create new operational processes, VMware’s cloud CTO Kit Colbert told Data Center Knowledge.
HashiCorp announced the release of HashiCorp Consul 1.2. This release supports a major new feature called Connect that automatically turns any existing Consul cluster into a service mesh solution. Connect enables secure service-to-service communication with automatic TLS encryption and identity-based authorization.
Guido van Rossum – who created the Python programming language in 1989, was jokingly styled as its “benevolent dictator for life”, and ushered it to global ubiquity – has stepped down, and won’t appoint a successor.
Industry Research
ML is not only a hot buzz word but is becoming an expected component of modern businesses. Companies that want to stay competitive invest in ML infrastructure that supports the data prep, training, serving, and management of ML algorithms. Overarching ML workflow themes include accelerating time to value and production optimization. 
There’s no doubt that microservices is one of the hottest trends in modern software development. Everyone loves to tout they’re using it but are they really? Upon further review, the lack of understanding of event-driven architecture may have more teams using the more newly coined “miniservices” to fit business needs.
Nick Gottlieb spent the last 5+ years, first at CircleCI and now at Serverless, talking with technology decision makers about their cloud adoption strategies. The number one concern that he hears today, that he rarely heard five years ago, is the organizational requirement for vendor choice.
Venture Announcements
Broadcom, the massive semiconductor supplier you may remember from its failed attempt to acquire Qualcomm, announced that it has reached a definitive agreement with CA Technologies, a major IT management software and solutions provider. The price of the acquisition is $18.9 billion in cash.
Founded in 2007, AlienVault offers a number of tools for detecting and responding to security threats through its Unified Security Management (USM) platform, while its Open Threat Exchange (OTX) platform serves as an online community where security professionals and researchers can share their latest findings and threat data.
Suse, one of the longest-running commercial Linux distributors and, these days, a major player in the open-source infrastructure and management space, has been through a few ownership changes in recent years. While the exact terms of the deal where not disclosed, EQT says this most recent deal valued Suse at $2.535 billion.
From The Heavybit Library
Nick Gottlieb on Crossing the Chasm From Community to Commercialization
In this Heavybit Speaker Series presentation, Serverless VP of Growth Nick Gottlieb shows you how to bridge the gap between growing your developer community and sustaining your company with a commercial product.
In episode two of O11ycast, Rachel and Charity are joined by Christina Noren, Chief Product Officer for CloudBees, to look at the ways both the development life cycle and the role of the developer have evolved.
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