DevToolsDigest: June 8th, 2018
This week's digest includes news and resources from GitHub, Microsoft, TechCrunch, Reddit, Paul Biggar, ReadMe, Matt Klein, Snyk, OverOps, Rainforest, SolarWinds, and more.

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The biggest news of the week was the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft for 7.5 billion dollars. This represents the largest developer tool acquisition ever, and a clear sign of what's to come in this space. Below you'll find a collection of links focused specifically on this major event.
After a week of rumors, Microsoft confirmed that it has acquired GitHub, the popular Git-based code sharing and collaboration service. The price of the acquisition was $7.5 billion in Microsoft stock. GitHub raised $350 million and we know that the company was valued at about $2 billion in 2015.
"Hi, I’m Nat Friedman, future CEO of GitHub (when the deal closes at the end of the year). I'm here to answer your questions about the planned acquisition, and Microsoft's work with developers and open source. Ask me anything."
It’s no longer controversial: The tech universe rotates around developers. A little over a year ago, I wrote about how developers are more powerful than ever. They play a critical role in turning raw technological power into custom applications that make life easier – and create value.
Some thoughts on the GitHub/MS acquisition, as founder of CircleCI, one of GitHub’s biggest partners.
For Microsoft Corp., acquiring GitHub Inc. would be both a return to the company’s earliest roots and a sharp turnaround from where it was a decade ago.
The Heavybit community is proud to count some of the top operators from GitHub and Microsoft as active members and advisors. Over the years we've partnered with these folks to share their learnings with our member companies at Speaker Series events, in our podcast studio, and on our blog.
The Week in Developer Tools
The Snyk Security team announced the public disclosure of a critical arbitrary file overwrite vulnerability called Zip Slip. It is a widespread vulnerability which typically results in remote command execution. The vulnerability affects thousands of projects, including ones from HP, Amazon, Apache, Pivotal and many others.
A couple of months ago ReadMe released their public API for Swagger file uploads. At the end of that post, they promised to introduce more endpoints to open up and allow more access via APIs. Now ReadMe is releasing the ability to sync a folder of markdown files on your computer to a ReadMe project. This has been one of their most popular requests over the years (especially from engineers!).
Little more than two years after it was sold to two investment firms and taken private, Austin software maker SolarWinds said Monday that it has filed paperwork to again become a publicly traded company.

SolarWinds, which makes IT infrastructure management software, said it has filed Form S1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission “relating to the proposed initial public offering of its common stock,” SolarWinds said in a news release.
Matt Klein, an engineer at Lyft, has been spending a considerable amount of time lately thinking about the human scalability of “DevOps.” He has come to the conclusion that while DevOps can work extremely well for small engineering organizations, the practice can lead to considerable human/organizational scaling issues without careful thought and management.
With all of the new tools on the market, most teams are experiencing a trade-off of accelerated delivery of our applications. In exchange for delivering new features more quickly, we let more errors slip through to production and consequently increase the risk of a lessened user experience.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. OverOps talks about how we can face and overcome the challenge of maintaining high quality code within a CI/CD workflow.
Edward Paulet, Software Engineer at Rainforest, recently sat down with Robert Miller, Success Engineer at Guru, to discuss a trending topic in the agile development and quality world: Should Developers Own Quality? Here a few takeaways from their discussion along with two case studies of what developer testing looks like in organizational practice.
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On Tues, June 26th, Derrick Harris will moderate a panel featuring infrastructure, application development and developer-focused journalists. RSVP today to save your spot.
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