DevToolsDigest: August 9th, 2017
Today's digest includes news and resources from Bob Wise, OverOps, LaunchDarkly, Stripe, and Darcy Clarke.

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The Day in Developer Tools
Microsoft just made the pay-only-for-what-you-use cloud billing model no longer Lambda-only territory. Here is the model now for public cloud: Container packaged, dynamically managed… and paid for by the container second.
How can you build the ideal Java production monitoring stack? A decision maker’s guide to the tooling ecosystem, from OverOps.
Normally, dealing with issues in production can be a frightening and time-consuming experience, but adopting a mature continuous delivery pipeline can allow you to react faster and be proactive. is a popular open-source library for .NET that many Stripe users rely on today. Today, they're adding it to their collection of official client libraries.
rawkit grabs the chrome inspector URL returned from the node --inspect command and immediately opens devtools. No more clicking, selecting, copying/pasting or navigating. Just run the command and jump into debugging.
From The Heavybit Archive
Peter van Hardenberg on Fixing Heroku's Pricing
In this Speaker Series presentation, Peter van Hardenberg offers a strategic overview on pricing, looks at some of the tactics used to implement pricing changes, and discusses how Heroku rolled out their radical pricing change without triggering a large-scale user revolt.
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