DevToolsDigest: August 8th, 2017
Today's digest includes news and resources from Mux, Contentful, Serverless, OverOps & more.
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The Day in Developer Tools
Matt Ward, Software Engineer at Mux, gives a great talk outlining the physical infrastructure and software underpinnings of the modern internet. Curious about ISPs, IPv6, DNS, or ASNs? Don't miss this talk.
Last year, Foobar decided to make the plunge. They were going to go Serverless! Except...most of the resources about serverless architectures are about how to start from scratch, not how to migrate existing services over.

In this 30-minute webinar, John McCann, Executive Director of Product Engineering at Comcast, will share automated CI/CD workflows that his teams are using to resolve errors the minute they appear and serve over 10 million TV viewers.

In the latest episode of Venture Confidential, Peter is joined by Hampus Jakobsson. Hampus discusses how he got into investing, and reveals the factors he considers when deciding where to invest.
We're thrilled to announce our newest Heavybit member Contentful - a company that powers content in digital experiences.
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From The Heavybit Archive
Content Is King and Other Clichés
In this Speaker Series presentation, Github Director of Outreach Chris Kelly discusses how to programmatically surface engaging content by being more "human," and extending the life of a single, adaptable story.
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