DevToolsDigest: August 23rd, 2017
Today's digest includes news and resources from Testim, Particle, Stripe, John Kodumal, SF Video Tech, and Stephanie Palmeri.

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The Day in Developer Tools
Google announced Puppeteer, a Node library which provides an API to control headless Chrome. Within 24hrs they received great feedback from the community; 6,685 stars on Github as well as 2.2K likes and 1.2K shares on Twitter. So why should we care?

The internet of things has a huge future, but don't underestimate how much it is changing the world right now. Check out these companies bringing the future to today.

Read how TaxJar implemented Stripe Sigma to improve their workflow. Instead of doing the grunt work of persisting thousands of JSON files to S3 every day and ensuring that’s running smoothly, they're now able to spend more time analyzing the data.

John Kodumal is CTO and cofounder of LaunchDarkly, a continuous delivery platform. John was a development manager at Atlassian, where he led engineering for the Atlassian Marketplace. The themes of this episode are how a simple idea can turn into a successful product, the journey from researcher to engineer to entrepreneur, and a bit about the experience of starting a startup in Bay area.
This SF Video Tech event was packed with four really interesting talks covering a range of topics from 360 Video and WebVR, Background Timers, to a deep dive on RTMP, and finally an enlightening look at the slow moving world of standards bodies.
From The Heavybit Archive

In this episode of Venture Confidential, Peter is joined by Stephanie Palmeri, Partner with SoftTech VC. She shares learnings from her experience breaking into venture, as well as useful insight into how micro VC firms operate.

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