DevToolsDigest: August 14th, 2017
Today's digest includes news and resources from Amazon, Runscope, Twitch, Meteor, and more.

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The Day in Developer Tools
At the end of July, the OpenAPI Specification 3.0.0 was finally released by the Open API Initiative. It's a major release, and after 3 years in the making, it brings about a lot of improvements over the 2.0 specification, making it possible to create definitions for a broader range of APIs. 
AWS released a beta of a new tool that makes it easy to build and test your serverless applications locally. In this post  SAM local is used to build, debug, and deploy a quick application that allows to vote on tabs or spaces by curling an endpoint.
In this talk, Yueshi Shen explains the uniqueness of the Chinese live streaming industry's content, revenue and cost model, and how Chinese engineers have architected low-latency live streaming solutions in spite of the several technical drawbacks of Flash/RTMP.
Learn how Meteor's Reify improves on the developer experience of import and export, and get some exciting news about the future of the Reify compiler.
The Latest Developer Company Jobs
From The Heavybit Archive
Building a Better Core Pitch
In this Speaker Series presentation, Andy Raskin outlines the critical elements you need to properly tell your company/product story.
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