DevToolsDigest: August 10th, 2017
Today's digest includes news and resources from Netlify, Kloudless, TechCrunch and WebAssembly. 

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The Day in Developer Tools

In March 2017, just five months ago, the WebAssembly Community Group reached consensus on the initial (MVP) binary format, JavaScript API, and reference interpreter. What is WebAssembly and what does it mean for the web?

Netlify was excited to announce that they've raised a $12 million Series A round from Andreessen Horowitz, together with their existing investors: Bloomberg Beta, Designer Fund, and Tank Hill Ventures.

Metrics and monitoring are important for any service. They provide critical information needed to detect and respond to incidents and issues. Kloudless deals with millions of requests, and keeping track of everything can be difficult. Kloudless has recently integrated a new metrics system to tackle this challenge.

In Episode #10 of Practical Product, Craig and Rimas are joined by Suzie Prince from ThoughtWorks. Suzie explains how as a product manager she had to make the difficult decision to shut down her product, Snap CI.

Major tech companies have actively reoriented themselves around AI and machine learning: Google is now “AI-first,” Uber has ML running through its veins and internal AI research labs keep popping up.
The Latest Developer Company Jobs
From The Heavybit Archive
Jeremy Edberg on Scaling for Success and Failure at Reddit and Netflix
Having worked on some of the highest trafficked sites in the world, Jeremy Edberg solves for growth. The key to scaling is finding your bottlenecks before your users do. Some of the ways Netflix does this is via auto-scaling, automated simulations (the Simian Army) and choosing frameworks with active communities. 

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