DevToolsDigest: Sep 2nd, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Shipyard, DZone, Databricks, Amplitude, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Kubernetes is a major asset for modern container management and has streamlined deployment for thousands of companies. However, it is infamous for its steep learning curve. Simply put, Kubernetes is difficult to get right. That being said, there is an abundance of open-source resources to help start your K8s journey on the right foot.
Many of the platforms listed are designed with a range of teams in mind beyond developers. This can save the company money and make it easier for other departments to track sprint progress, particularly in terms of ROI and deliverables in dealing with things like technical debt that in some companies can be a hard sell against time to market priorities.
Industry Research
Forrester’s recent API Insecurity: The Lurking Threat In Your Software report points out that protecting APIs with perimeter-based security fails to stop attacks’ increasing severity and sophistication. Moreover, APIs are an elusive moving target because they are vulnerable to a broader, more complex series of threats than web apps typically face.
Developer Venture News
The new funding brings Databricks’ total private funding raised to $3.5 billion. Notably, its latest raise comes just seven months after the late-stage startup raised $1 billion on a $28 billion valuation. Its new valuation represents paper value creation in excess of $1 billion per month.
Data analytics firm Amplitude has filed paperwork for a direct listing that it hopes will benefit from investor enthusiasm for digital optimization. According to the prospectus, it has “more than 1,200 paying customers globally, from the most ambitious startups to the largest global enterprises.”
From the Heavybit Library
In episode 40 of EnterpriseReady, host Grant Miller is joined by Alexis Richardson of Weaveworks. They discuss Weave GitOps, insights on brand revitalization, and the storied career journey that led Alexis from finance to startups to enterprise software.
In episode 43 of o11ycast, hosts Charity Majors and Liz Fong-Jones speak with Apostolis (Toli) Apostolidis of Cinch. They discuss Cinch’s move from containers to serverless, lessons learned from Team Topologies, and advice on structuring your org with strategic constraints.