DevToolsDigest: November 3rd, 2022
This week's digest includes news and resources from Tailscale, Remix, Metrist, Kosli, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Tailscale SSH Console is now available in beta. Web-based SSH clients aren’t new. Nearly every VPS and cloud provider already lets you connect to your VMs from the web — so how is this different?
Docs as Code entails writing documentation using the same tools and workflows used for developing code. Proponents of Docs as Code report that this method leads to better documentation while easing the workload of the people who write it.
Industry Research
You'd expect the longest and most costly phase in the lifecycle of a software product to be the initial development of the system, when all those great features are first imagined and then created. In fact, the hardest part comes later, during the maintenance phase.
In the last five years, cloud data warehouses have grown from 20% of the workloads to 50% with on-prem databases constituting the remainder. Meanwhile, the industry has grown from $36b to $80b during that time.
Developer Venture News
Under Shopify’s stewardship Remix receives long-term backing and support from an established leader in commerce. In addition, Shopify itself will use Remix across many projects, and you can expect to see more of Shopify’s developer platform include first-class support for Remix over time.
Since it's become tough for startups to raise money, many VCs may want to reserve more capital from their fund for their existing portfolio just in case they need it to get through tough times.
From Heavybit
Failure or impairment of upstream dependencies usually manifests as outright downtime or poor user experience for your customers. Metrist gives developer teams unprecedented, real-time visibility into their cloud dependencies to improve their observability capabilities, address outages more effectively, and increase accountability from their vendors.
As teams focus on improving capabilities, the rate of change in their infrastructure increases exponentially and creates an entirely new class of problems as they have security and audit controls in place that are often diametrically opposed to high rates of change. Kosli's platform addresses a huge challenge in enterprises undergoing a DevOps transformation, change management.