DevToolsDigest: May 12th, 2022
This week's digest includes news and resources from Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Komodor, Docker, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Development on the web has always been done in the open. So many of the foundational pieces you build on today are open source, from the site, to the browser, to the many frameworks and libraries that are now available to developers. 
Once a year Google kicks off its developer conference with a rapid-fire stream of announcements, finally unveiling so many of the things they’ve been working on behind-the-scenes lately.
Industry Research
"I’ve now been talking 13 years about devops resulting in 130+ presentations. During that time my devops mental model has changed. From the naive “Devops Hippie days” in 2009 to the “Devops Paradoxes in 2022”. Last week I had the pleasure to present this journey at the Devopsdays Austin 2022 - 10 year anniversary edition."
To thwart threats, founders, boards and startup leaders need to change their approach to cybersecurity. For years they have forgone investment in secure software development, compromising on data security, and putting things in the cloud without concern. They need to start thinking strategically, like Apple.
Developer Venture News
Companies deploy Komodor to track changes made across their entire Kubernetes stack, enabling them to inspect any knock-on effects that their changes may inadvertently have and glean context to help resolve the issues.
Founded in 2019, Nestybox is a Silicon Valley startup with a mission to solve a simple-to-describe but hard-to-fix problem: enabling containers to run any type of workload, seamlessly and securely.
From the Heavybit Community
Join and a cross-functional community of developers, content strategists, and product owners to learn how structured content, composable APIs, content systems, and treating content as data can help. Speakers include digital leaders from AT&T, Spotify, the New York Times, Vercel, Shopify, and many more.
Just because you aren't in Spain doesn't mean you cant socialize around k8s and CNCF! Shipyard is co-hosting a developer happy hour on Wed May 18th in New York City.