DevToolsDigest: March 25th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Cloudflare, Harness, Puppet, TechRadar, Box, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Instead of employees launching local browser sessions to access work-related resources or collaborative tools, the service runs the original, requested web page in the cloud and streams a replica to the end-user. As there is no direct browser link, this can mitigate the risk of exploits, phishing, and cyberattacks. 
Harness announced major updates to its open source module, Harness Continuous Integration (CI) Community Edition (formerly The release provides open source contributors with new pipeline execution visualizations, advanced governance and security controls, and live CI pipeline debugging capabilities, to build and test code in record time.
Industry Research: Cloud Edition
For most organizations, whether to move to a cloud native architecture is now a question of when, not if. The benefits of having a more agile approach to applications and their supporting infrastructure is becoming clear for every organization.
Enterprises increased their spending on cloud infrastructure by almost 35% to reach almost $130 billion in 2020, far outpacing their spending on on-prem data centers. While an increasing number of businesses had been steadily increasing their reliance on cloud computing services, the pandemic seems to have accelerated the momentum. 
The SolarWinds attack was successful because it took advantage of a vast, intermixed supply chain of technology vendors. While there are fundamental lessons to be learned on how to protect the code supply chain, the bigger lesson is that complexity is the enemy of security.
Developer Venture News
Box shares rose on Monday, following a report that the cloud content management company is considering a sale. Google and Microsoft could be a future home for the company, after years of the duo challenging Box for deals. As recently as last week, Box announced a deal for tighter integration with Microsoft Office 365.
From The Heavybit Community
Since 2015, Heavybit has launched 18 shows with a combined 350+ episodes, and some of those shows have served as the foundations for global, standalone communities. If you’re considering starting a show (or already have a show) and are looking for tips on ensuring ROI, read on to learn more about our best practices. 
As more companies move to a product-led go-to-market approach, there’s increased scrutiny on product metrics that show how efficient a product performs as an acquisition, retention, and expansion engine. We're partnering with OpenView, Pendo, and Product Collective to empower product managers with “guardrails” to understand what best-in-breed looks like.