DevToolsDigest: June 9th, 2022
This week's digest includes news and resources from GitHub, Datadog, Palantir, Metrist, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
No matter where we are on our GitHub journey, there’s always more to learn and explore on GitHub. If you’re new to GitHub, you want to find out how to get started. If you’re a seasoned GitHub user, you need to stay up-to-date with what’s new with GitHub’s rich platform.
Industry Research
Serverless has transformed application development by eliminating the need to provision and manage any underlying infrastructure. The current serverless ecosystem has grown more mature, and it now has considerable overlap with the world of container-based technologies.
Palantir's DevOps teams are always looking for new ways to improve the productivity of their developers. They recently decided to explore how remote workspaces — including AWS EC2 instances, AWS Cloud9, or dedicated machines — could be beneficial.
Jeff is a notable figure in the DevOps movement as he’s authored the book Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions as well as a frequent conference speaker and podcast guest. In this interview, they discuss industry shifts to cloud-hosted third parties, along with their advantages and challenges.
Developer Venture News
There's been lots of generic advice in the past month. Patrick Campbell ran an analysis on 23.2k subscription and SaaS companies, and here’s what he found. Things will mostly be fine, but two data points are pretty scary (especially in consumer and soon B2B).
From Heavybit
In episode 27 of The Kubelist Podcast, Marc and Benjie are joined by Webb Brown of Stackwatch. This talk spotlights Kubecost, a project offering real-time cost visibility and insights for teams using Kubernetes.
In episode 102 of JAMstack Radio, Brian chats with Peter Pistorius of Snaplet. Together they share lessons for making databases more accessible, improving developer workflow, solving problems in the open, and moving beyond seed scripts.