DevToolsDigest: June 17th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Chrome, SumoLogic, CloudBees, Macrometa, Neo4j, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Aurora is a collaboration between a small team of Chrome engineers (internally codenamed WebSDK) and framework authors. Their goal is to deliver the best user experience possible for production apps regardless of the browser you're rendering in.
Maintaining a secure production environment requires careful planning and constant vigilance. This article will address how SumoLogic monitors their applications from a security perspective and understand which metrics require their attention.
Industry Research
A strong “go-to-community” competency not only helps companies proactively compete in this new environment, but it also provides the framework and tools to shift from top-down to bottom-up. Go-to-community helps build positive-sum relationships beyond just sales.
This is the fourth and final installment of a blog series that explores what you need to consider when scaling your feature flag management tool. In this post, dig into visibility considerations like cross-team collaboration, flag lifecycles, flag dependencies and insights into CI/CD.
Developer Venture News
The startup, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, with operations in Bulgaria and India, plans to use its Series A on feature development, acquiring more enterprise customers and integrating with content delivery networks (CDN), cloud and telecom providers.
The past decade has seen a whole new crop of next-generation database models, from scale-out SQL to document to key-value stores to time series and on and on and on. Neo4j, which offers a graph-centric database and related products, announced that it raised $325 million at a more than $2 billion valuation in a Series F deal.
From the Heavybit Library
Partnerships, whether technical integrations, agency resellers, or large developer platforms, are a crucial component of every enterprise software go-to-market strategy. It’s well established that their long-term value to your product and business can be profound, but only if you run solid processes around acquiring, activating, and retaining great partners.