DevToolsDigest: July 8th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Snyk, Apple, First Round, Robinhood, IBM, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
When done well, automated E2E tests empower teams to ship faster and more confidently. Your company benefits too. Revenue increases as people abandon your product less. Costs also go down. But despite the benefits, automated tests remain difficult and out of reach for many teams.
Previous reports of the Java community found that developers were still mainly using Java 8 and didn’t adopt newer versions, but according to Snyk’s JVM Ecosystem Report 2021, that is starting to change.
If there’s a theme of Apple’s operating-system releases in 2021, it’s platform unification. This development is most significant for macOS, which tended to lag behind iOS in the 2010s, missing out on some or all of the year’s exciting innovations.
Industry Research
Let's say you've been brought in to grow a tiny data team (~4 people) at a mid-stage startup (~$10M annual revenue). It's a made up story based on n-th hand experiences (for n ≤ 3), and quite opinionated. It's a story about teams and organization, not the tech itself.
Jocelyn Goldfein, angel investor and former engineering executive at Facebook and VMware, is well known for helping engineering teams scale their operations through periods of hyper-growth. At First Round’s last CTO Summit, she shared her experiences shipping software in different environments, and offered startups advice on how to structure their own release process.
Venture News
The company privately filed to go public back in March, leaving the startup-watching world waiting for the eventual filing drop. Robinhood’s public offering document includes a placeholder $100 million raise figure, though that will change the closer we get to its debut.
IBM announced that it has acquired BoxBoat Technologies, a DevOps consultancy and enterprise Kubernetes service provider. It will extend IBM’s container and data portfolio to advance the company’s hybrid cloud practice.
From the Heavybit Library
Patrick Woods is the Co-Founder and CEO of Orbit where he leads the team’s revenue, go-to-market and customer development efforts. In this DevGuild: Software-Defined Movements presentation, he shares considerations and questions to ask yourself before starting a community.