DevToolsDigest: July 15th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from WunderGraph, Pantheon, Microsoft, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
The current Go language memory model was written in 2009, with minor updates since. This post restates Go's overall philosophy and the current memory model and then outlines the relatively small adjustments Russ Cox believes should be made to the Go memory model.
Writing code and deploying it to AWS Lambda is as easy as baking a cake (depending on the type of cake). Lambda performs the heavy lifting for you, from provisioning to scaling. But where is the magic happening and how does it actually work under the hood?
Industry Research
Is the GraphQL hype over? Was it just a trend? If you're a regular on reddit/r/graphql you might have noticed the discussion about GraphQL and Google Trends recently. If you look at a single graph from Google Trends, you might be thinking that GraphQL is indeed through the hype cycle and interest is declining. But is that really the case?
Developer Venture News
“Digital transformation has accelerated the movement to the cloud for essential business infrastructure. By automating workflows and do-it-yourself with its SaaS offering, we believe Pantheon’s leading platform is transforming how modern website experiences are created.”
Organizations are increasingly using the cloud to reimagine every facet of their business. Hybrid work has accelerated this digital transformation, and customers are challenged with the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks. Microsoft announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire RiskIQ, a leader in global threat intelligence and attack surface management
From the Heavybit Library
How to Scale Engineering Management with Examples from LaunchDarkly, Twilio, Atlassian, Heroku
In this special fireside chat, LaunchDarkly's Co-Founder/CTO and Twilio's VP Platform will explore the realities of today’s complex software systems and the teams behind them, and their own approaches to building resilient and sustainable engineering cultures.
In a recent group session with Heavybit members, the team at Kinkor Consulting, who’ve worked with clients such as Reddit, Sentry, and Netlify, shared how to fill your applicant funnel as a founder, track those applicants in a manageable way, and run an effective interview process in order to repeatedly fill your open reqs with the right people.