DevToolsDigest: February 9th, 2023
This week's digest includes news and resources from MuleSoft, Google, Reify, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Since joining MuleSoft in 2013, ProgrammableWeb has sought to bring awareness to the impact APIs can have on modern businesses. Nearly a decade later it has undoubtedly played a role in helping the wider market understand the power of APIs.
Google’s CEO announced the project in a blog post, describing the tool as an “experimental conversational AI service” that will answer users’ queries and take part in conversations. The software will be available to a group of “trusted testers” before becoming “more widely available to the public in the coming weeks.”
Industry Research
The essential question is – If you only need one buyer persona (for now), how do you choose which one to start with? If you’re convinced that walking before you run is the right way to approach persona-driven marketing, and you’re wondering how to choose which persona to start with, then the rest of this post is for you.
Alyss Noland, Head of DevRel^2 and PMM at Common Room, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the value of community and best practices around scaling that value in the world of DevRel. Alyss shares best practices around understanding your customers’ needs, creating and nurturing a self-supporting community, and which metrics and activities have the most impact.
Developer Venture News
The tool, not yet generally available, can “communicate” in natural language and collaborate with users on code changes— operating like a pair programmer that’s able to understand and continuously learn more about the context of both coding projects and developers.
From the Heavybit Library
In episode 35 of The Kubelist Podcast, Marc and Benjie are joined by Tom Preston-Werner. Tom shares insights gleaned from his open source journey including the founding of GitHub and his many side projects along the way. This talk explores themes on entrepreneurship, scaling, semantic versioning, dogfooding, and community building.
In this interview, go-to-market (GTM) expert Kevin Kinkor explains some of the most important factors to consider when building out a sales function for developer-first startups, and how to manage GTM when budgets are tight.