DevToolsDigest: Dec 9th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Weaveworks, Werner Vogels, Patrick Woods, Tom Drummond, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Weaveworks GitOps Extension provides an intuitive way to manage, troubleshoot and operate your Kubernetes environment following the GitOps operating model, accelerating your development lifecycle and simplifying your continous delivery pipelines.
After AWS pioneered cloud technology more than 15 years ago, cloud infrastructure has evolved to a place where we are seeing all parts of the cloud reach practically anywhere on the planet—and even into space. The cloud has allowed what was once science fiction to become science fact.
Industry Research
This report is based on the 2021 Developer Relations Survey. It's a tool for DevRel practitioners to benchmark their activities and provide some scope to the emerging practice of DevRel.
The reality is that buyers have nearly endless options in today's market, and companies can't rely strictly on features and pricing to win. It's why consumer brands like Lululemon and Sephora, as well as enterprise powerhouses like Salesforce and Twilio, have put community front and center in their growth strategies.
Developer Venture News
It’s a boom time for tech startups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. With money flowing more freely, it’s cheaper and easier than ever for founders to spin up a business. Valuations for early-stage startups are at record highs. This isn’t just good news for startup founders; global economic forces are creating a flywheel that reinforces one output: higher salaries in tech jobs. 
From the Heavybit Community
Dec 16: The Enterprise Leap w/ Adam Gross and Postman CEO
On Day 3 of DevGuild: Dev-First GTM, Adam Gross (formerly Heroku, Dropbox, Salesforce) will outline his framework for when and how much to invest in your enterprise GTM. Then he'll be joined for a finale fireside with Postman Founder Abhinav Asthana.

Join us Dec 16 to learn more about target benchmarks around total revenue, average deal size, how your community is shaping up, and how technically ‘enterprise ready’ your product is, that you can use to understand how you stack up to others who have successfully made this leap.